Sunday , October 2 2022

[PHOTOS] 'Arrow' Season 7, Episode 8 – Oliver / Felicity at Gala


Nu, at Oliver Queen er ute af prison, er hans første bestilling af forretninger … atending a gala? In newly released photos from next Monday's arrow (The CW, 8/7c), the formerly imprisoned vigilante is seen as a fundraiser for inmate rights, with Felicity and the rest of Team Arrow, plus Laurel, also in attendance.

Though Oliver and his wife look happy, there will be a period of adjustment following their recent reunion. During last night's episode, Diaz told a disbelieving Oliver that Felicity almost shot him, and "pretty quickly, [Oliver learns] That's a lot of the stuff that Diaz was saying about Felicity is true, "star Stephen Amell previewed during TVLine's set visit, adding that Oliver and Felicity" come to an understanding that nothing's ever going to be perfect. "(The official episode description, meanwhile states that "Felicity stands by her recent decisions regarding her family.")

The attached gallery also showscases Oliver's new look, one that Amell pushed to convey his character's evolution.

Following his stint at Slabside prison, "I wanted a change in him in the way he interacts with people, with the public, and even as far as his wardrobe," the actor shared. "I went two [costume designer] Maya [Mani], and I'm like, 'Oliver's in his mid-30s, he's a former politician. I want him to dress a little more like he used to dress for Sunday Brunch at the Queen Mansion. 'WASPy's the wrong word, but it's not totally the wrong word. … In the first episode that I'm out, we had him going to a gala, and I was in black or the same suit that I would wear as the mayor. I did not like that. So we pushed that in a different direction. "

Scroll through the gallery above (or click here), then hit the comments with your thoughts. Plus, check out our Episode 7 post mortem with Amell here.

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