Tuesday , January 26 2021

Muchatitadzisa Kunyengwa: Bev also writes rumors that she should marry

Beverly Sibanda and Boss Bvola
Beverly Sibanda and Boss Bvola / Photos: Beverly Sibanda

Controversial raunchy dancers and leaders of the sexy English dance group Beverly Sibanda have stated that, unlike the rumors of social media, she does not marry. Social media has been overwhelming after reports reported that the South African based businessman Agrippa "Boss Bvola" Matambo would pay the lobola, the usual bride for her. But the pole dancer poured cold water on claims saying she was invested in dance to give it up for marriage. She also said that such reports would have a negative impact on her social life that people would not approach her with the assumption that she was hitched. In a series of social media media media, Bev said,

Off market chii muchatotadzisa kunyengwa imi ndi promoter uyu … Mamwe mabatiro amunotiita pamapics ndooanozoti vanhu vatiururooriwa pachikore kore … Handiroorww zwekumhanya ko ma dhanzi ndosiira ani.

Boss Bvola has also distanced himself from the alleged relationship that H-Metro says that the relationship is purely commercial. He insisted that he had never dated Bev and fingered her as the person who may have leaked photographs of him and Bev. Bev was also in the spotlight for the wrong year last year after claiming that controversial musician Andy Muridzo had impregnated her. Muridzo who at that time was married to Chido Manyange popularly known as Mai Keketso, strongly denied the claims claiming he had never been intimate with Bev. The dancer at one point threatened to reveal harmful evidence just to back off. However, later, a natural death after Bev claimed she had failed.

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