Sunday , May 29 2022

Mohammad Kaif defends Virat Kohli's "Leave India" reminder, said the Indian captain improperly directed


Virat Kohli's "Leaving India" comments on a cricket fan who made a big storm on Twitter with the Indian captain who is under fire from different sources. In a controversial video that makes the rounds on social media, Kohli sees a fan going to "live somewhere else" in order not to support the Indian team. After receiving a lot of fuss from other fans, Kohli responded by saying "I guess trolling is not for me guys, I'm getting married!". On Thursday night, former India batsman Mohammad Kaif came to Kohli's defense and said that the Indian captain was unfairly targeted and his "statements are twisted whatsoever that fits the people's agenda."

On Wednesday, in a message sent to Virat Kohli, the cricket fan had said, "I like watching English and Australian batsmen more than these Indian." The fan even took a digging on Kohli's batting and said, "Over-rated batsman. Personally, I do not see anything special in his batting."

The comments did not work well for Kohli, especially "these Indian" pieces.

"I do not think you live in India, live and live elsewhere. Why do you live in our country and love other countries?" I do not care you do not like me, but I do not think you should live in our country and other things. Get your priorities right, Kohli said and responded to the fan's message.

While there was no support for Kohli, the Indian captain was criticized most for his comments.

One of the toughest criticisms came from the well-known commentary Harsha Bhogle, who went on Twitter to express his dissatisfaction.

According to ANI, the appointed committee of the Supreme Court issued a notice of Kohlaa's comments saying that it was investigating the matter.

Kohli is currently in a break from cricket after bering reluctantly against India vs the West Indies T20I series. He returns to action when the Indian team travels to Australia.

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