Friday , August 19 2022

Make time for your daughter: Lumumba advises Temba Mliswa in the Nasty Exchange


Legislature of Norton Temba Mliswa (Independent) was involved in a nasty online spay with Zanu-PF activist William Gerald Mutumanje, popularly known as Acie Lumumba. The two who do not seem to hold each other in particularly high interest exchanged nasty barbs on the microblogging website Twitter after Mliswa warned people to ignore what he claimed were theaters from Acie Lumumba. Lumumba had backtracked on his claims about the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe's officials involved in black foreign exchange market transactions and accused RBZ governor John Mangudya of being "Queen Bee".

Mliswa continued to say that once he had helped Lumumba after he had stuck in South Africa without money returning home. Mliswa wrote,

The continued public and political infatuation with @acielumumba Lumumba theatrics is very disturbing to us as people. It speaks to a defective society that we have become.

The guy is not normal and I blame on all those who are constantly shopping and spoiling him for mess. I have always been on record who questioned his sanity.

I once helped the guy at OR Tambo Airport while looking for money to go home and he looked like a poor at a marketplace.

Lumumba was not good at claiming that he had also helped Mliswa daughter when she had no money for her rents before attempting to warn Mliswa to take care of his own children first. Wrote Lumumba,

I have also helped your daughter in my apartment while looking for rent, she looked like a poor one. Before looking for adult men, why not look after your children? Glad to name her for you if you want kuti mutaure naye, that's the lawyer ?

Mliswa returned later with a weak,

To which Lumumba retorted with

I also rested after helping her. Take time for her Temba. Seriously! Wear your children

Lumumba apologized for involving Mlisva's daughter in the discussion,

Everywhere (sic) I should not take your daughter into this. Leave me alone, ruthless father and I will leave you alone as well. You have woman bashing and rapist accusations to answer. Your daughter is a smart girl with an incredible future without you. Sorry advice

I withdraw my comments about your daughter. I should not even answer the crazy name called Temba Mliswa. I wish her very best in her life, it has nothing to do with her. You have women bashing and rape charges to answer it will catch up with you!

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