Tuesday , September 28 2021

Make the Internet faster on your phone

Have you ever been frustrated by slow internet speeds on your smartphone? You pay a boat box to your mobile provider and then your connection is spotty and slow. It can be very frustrating.

There are many things that can cause inertia in your connection speed. It may be a combination of factors such as poor reception, routing configuration, or worse security issues.

But did you know that a setting on your smartphone could increase its connection? Yes, it is known as your Domain Name System (DNS) server. And, it's easier to configure your smartphone's DNS server than ever thanks to the recently released app.

Read on and learn why your DNS is important and why this new app can increase your internet speed, integrity and security.

Cloudflares DNS service is now available for iOS and Android

Internet service company Cloud Flare now extends its free DNS service to mobile gadgets via its new iOS and Android apps as it talks " Faster Internet" (also known as " Faster and Safer Internet" for Android).

Cloudflares free DNS service was launched in April, and as the app's name suggests, it uses for its DNS servers. The service promises faster internet speeds and improved web security for regular consumers like you and me.

This is good news because it simplifies the DNS change process for smartphones. Although it was possible to enter an iPhones DNS server through its settings, it was not easy to do it on Android.

Now, with Cloudflare apps, as easy as tap a button.

But first, what is DNS?

Do you know what DNS stands for? A DNS or domain name system is often called the directory for the internet. It's actually a critical part of how the entire internet works and it can dictate how quickly and safely data is delivered to you.

Here's an easy way to put it on. A DNS server translates IP addresses into websites to domain names that are easier to read and remember (for example, Google.com translates to IP address and vice versa).

The communication between your computer and a DNS system is crucial for correctly controlling your web traffic.

Why is your DNS server important?

While your ISP is assigned to you, your DNS servers are automatically appropriate, it opens its own set of issues. Depending on your provider, their DNS systems may be slow and ineffective, causing your internet speed to go up.

Another problem is security. Using your ISP's DNS servers, they can track your internet activity as searches and the websites you visit, and open up any kind of privacy issues.

To solve these issues, Cloudflare opened its own fast and secure DNS system for the public. The company is already known for optimizing business Internet services and protecting sites against DDoS attacks, but it's good that it has offered its expertise to the public.

Why is safer?

With and, Cloudflare also aims to protect its DNS system users' security and integrity by promising to delete all their DNS logs within 24 hours and by not recording IP addresses. It is also promising not to earn money on DNS browsing data by using it for targeted ads, for example.

Cloudflares DNS servers also support upcoming modern protocols such as DNS over-TLS and DNS over-HTTPS, which improves overall security and integrity.

Why is faster?

Cloudflares infrastructure and internet optimization skills are a solid foundation for creating a fast DNS service.

The company's main business is its content delivery network and it is in its best interest to speed up and secure the Internet, both for its customers and for the public. In fact, the company is building more data centers around the world to further reduce latency for its DNS servers.

How fast is it? According to the test, CloudFlares DNS server's global response time is an average of 14 million. Compare it to Google's 34ms and OpenDNS at 20ms and Cloud Flare seems to be the fastest DNS solver right now.

In fact, Cloudflare claims that its DNS server is 28% faster than any other DNS resolver available right now.

How to create the app on your smartphone

Ready to speed up your smartphone's internet? Download now from the Apple App Store iOS or Google Play Store.

Once installed, the app will prompt you to add VPN configuration to your phone. Continue and press "Allow" (the app will not work without it.)

Note: You may need the phone password to change this setting.

After you add the VPN configuration, you can now enable or disable CloudFlares DNS routing service by touching the app's switch. It's so simple!

Bonus: How to configure Cloudflares DNS server on a PC or Mac

Cloud flare can also be accessed by changing the computer's DNS server address or its alternative


1st Pull up networking Interconnects by right-clicking on the Start menu.

2. Click on "Change adapter options." You see your current network. right click and select Characteristics.

step 2

3rd Select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP / IPv4) and click Characteristics.

Step 3

4th On Preferred DNS server field, enter and on Alternative DNS server field, and then click OK.

Mac users, do not despair. Here are the steps to change your DNS settings on a MacOS:


1st Open System Settings, then select Network. click Advanced button.

2nd Then go to DNS tab.

3rd click plus (+) characters On this tab, type in and

4th Pressure ok and you're done!

Note You need administrator rights to make these changes.

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