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Better Call Saul: What's next for their characters?


This feature contains spoilers for Breaking badly and Best to call Saul seasons 1-4.

"It's all good, man."

Substantially, Best to call Saul is a lighter series than Breaking badly, but from the beginning it has been inevitable that things will get a lot darker before it reaches its end. This may be because the end of Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould's prequel series are likely to go off where the parental show begins and join the two series in a major New Mexico crime story.

About the bow of Breaking badly where to take Walter White from Chips to Scarface, Best to call Saul has the much more literal transition of Bob Odenkirk's character from unscrupulous but well-meaning defense lawyer Jimmy McGill to criminal lawyer Saul Goodman, who plays a crucial role in the Heisenberg store.

So far, we have seen how Jimmy first became a lawyer after a battered youth suffered disadvantages and how that story informs his difficult relationship with his older brother Chuck (Michael McKean) and his personal and professional partnership with Kim Wexler (Rhea Seehorn). Elsewhere, we have followed Jonathan Bank's retired police, became Mike Ehrmantraut's fixer by a feast with Hector Salamanca (Mark Margolis) and his first meeting with meth mogul and chicken restaurantur Gus Fring (Giancarlo Esposito).

Four seasons in, show the show tantalizingly near the beginning of Breaking badly. Even though nothing has been announced, we would guess that the next fifth season will be the last. Perhaps this season will be extended and split over two years, similar to the previous show's run, but somehow we think they will come to the final game.

"I would stick to it. We are talking about about as many episodes as Breaking badly"Gould told Independent when asked how much longer the show would run.

"Even if I have to tell you if you initially said that we would do so many episodes of Walter Whites comedy sidekick lawyer, I would have said you were crazy! The show has become a very different animal from frankly what I would ever have shown when we started. "

For some characters, the end has already been written. Mike will always die in his van and tell Walter White to shut his knee and tell him about it. Gus and Hector will always explode together, to the grief of both people. And if we are lucky, Huell Babineaux is always waiting for ASAC Schrader to come back and sit on the couch, like the beautiful giant sweetheart he is.

But what of the figures whose fate is still invisible? Whether new or existing characters, the authors have begun moving characters forward. Before the show ends, it must be connected to Saul's entrance in Breaking badly season 2, and maybe even go beyond his last appearance in the second episode, which saw Saul moved to Omaha. And before we count five heads Best to call Saul characters that end later or later.

Nacho Varga

Even for a prequel series, Best to call Saul can extract some really intense sequences without resorting to dramatic irony. Watch the stage in season 3 Slide, in order to save his resurrected father from being compromised by the psychopathic Hector, Nacho (Michael Mando) cuts a plot to replace Salamanca patriarch's medication with ibuprofen tablets.

We know that when Walt and Jesse encounter him, Hector will end up in a wheelchair with the help of a welcome watch to communicate. But we have no idea what's going to happen to Nacho and the breathless scene where he releases a new bottle of pills in his pocket is a reliable measure of how fast we've been in this character.

Introduced in the second episode of the show, Mijo, Ignacio "Nacho" Varga has developed into more than just a guardian of Salamanca. Working as Lieutenant to Tuco during the first season, he later draws Mike to try to get his boss to "get away". Mike sends him on his own way and gets him locked in jail, but makes way for Hector to take over running things.

Nacho's plot to kill Hector comes out of his plan to use his dad's clothing store as a leading part of the cartel business. This ultimately gives him control over Salamanca's digging in Albuquerque, but also gives him under the Gus-oket, who is priviledge with him to almost steal his chance of revenge.

While Nacho clearly has a disgust for how Salamanca's doing things, his efforts to gain control so far have only put him under pressure from major bathers managers. Thus, his story has evolved into one of the most complex ongoing parts of the show. Looking forward, his on-off working relationship with Mike is likely to come to play again, especially they are both Gus men. While his interactions with Jimmy have been limited, Saul mentions an Ignacio by name in his very first episode.

"No, it was not me," Saul said when Walt and Jesse kidnapped him and took him out in the desert. "It was Ignacio. He's the right one."

It's Nacho's presence from the start of the spin-off that makes us believe the reference is intended, and they've dropped the character to a big part in the show's climax. Considering how he is not in Breaking badly, it is fair to guess that his time as a broker will come to a head in a usually violent way. With things that escalate, it may only be so long before he is discovered by Salamanca.

Lalo Salamanca

In the same Breaking badly scene, Saul wonders about someone called "Lalo" before he realizes that his kidnapper has nothing to do with the cartel. We will finally meet Hector's grandson in the latter half of season four, when he's threatening, there's … cooking food for Nacho.

Sent by the cartel to see how Nacho has run its business, Lalo is interested in Guss rival surgery and shows quite a bit of nap than we have seen in the rest of the family. Salamancas are a lot of cruel crazies, but Lalo is the most composite we have found so far. He is definitely as angry but seen when he gladly reminds of massaging people with his grandfather and even giving him his iconic watch as a keepsake.

To judge at the time of his entrance, Lalo will be a perfectly fitting Big Bad. Although Jimmy / Saul has not met him yet, there is that connection from Breaking badly tethering him to Mike's first interactions with him in season 4 final. Mike convinces him in Winner, but when Lalo discovers Werner, the man is building a large underground laboratory for Gus, the destiny of the German architect sealed.

For Mike, who found another way when Nacho wanted him to nix Tuco, Mord Werner on Gus orders is an important tip. The beautiful, terrible scene in the New Mexico desert is just a more inconsistent tragedy in the sad tale, but it creates a strong reason why Mike and Lalo can not enjoy each other, which will clearly outweigh the next season.

While Mike and Jimmy's storylines have diverged to a large extent since season one, Lalo is a character whose presence is likely to collide them again, which also gives Nacho. As for his possible destiny, we do not see how he would not have been shown Breaking badly if he was still there, whatever happens, it will suffice to keep Saul afraid of coming back.

Howard Hamlin

Operation exclusively on the Jimmy side of history is Howard Hamlin (Patrick Fabian) an interesting one. As a partner and son of Chuck's founder in Hamlin Hamlin & McGill, his role in the early seasons is apparently counteracting Jimmy. This continues until the season three s Chicanery, where Chuck's attempt to get Jimmy discouraged from committing crimes abolishes in general the embarrassment of HHM.

During the rest of the season, Howard and Chuck are involved in a bitter seclusion of the roads, with the latter suing the former and trying to bankrupt his company. This concludes in Howard to cut a check with his own personal savings and loans from friends, just to get rid of him. The season culminates with Chuck's suicide, but after the end of this plot line, what is Howard's continued role?

In season four, his debt of Chucks leaves him in any crisis. He actually seems to be more appreciated than Jimmy does, making him a direct counterpoint for our main character. All three main images between the couple inform Jimmy's bow. While Kim urges him to seek treatment, he constantly doubles on the front as he sees Howard becoming more depressed.

The most important moment is when Jimmy has accepted that he may need help but changes his mind after a meeting with an anxious Howard in the men's toilets at the tingshuset. The next time they see each other, he tells the lawyer to cheer up and save his company instead of rolling over and giving up. Then, in the final, as Jimmy aims at curry service with Albuquerque's legal community by donating a scholarship to remind his brother, Howard is present at a crucial moment.

When he and the other members of the Scholarship Committee refuse to award the grant to Jimmy's election candidate, something breaks about a young woman who wants to turn her life after being busy with shop shifts. Jimmy leaves the meeting and rages in his car before he effectively says that there is no benefit trying to get better.

Some have finally compared this to Walt's creep space in Breaking badlyS fourth season. Although this part is not so scary, it is closest to the emotional death of a character that we knew and the appearance of someone worse. At the end of the episode, he has cast his old identity and changed his name to Saul Goodman.

Throughout the season, the authors fancy the idea that Jimmy McGill's transformation to Saul Goodman might have been despised if he had sought help with his grief and other emotional problems, but Howard is inadvertently involved in forging it. If you wonder why he is still on a regular basis, it's only possible that he still has a much more important role to play before that conversion is complete.

Kim Wexler

If they send Kim to Belize, we rebel. Unlike Howard, she is one of the most actively compelling characters in the show and most fans share our fear that she may be extinguished by the image before Saul ends her run. Even when you meet all the prequel showbases, Kim Wexler is the key to the show's growth in addition to the backstory.

In a show where we know how most characters will end up, she always feels like the character that's most to lose from Jimmy's moral descent. When she decides to collaborate with Jimmy and then goes independently, her fate becomes entangled in his, and even when he knows where he goes, we turn to Kim to be okay in the end.

More than just her often misplaced belief in Jimmy, her habits of thought have caused her trouble. Her exaggerated way goes to the fatigue point in season three, which culminates in a car accident on its way to a meeting for its only client, Mesa Verde Bank and Trust. With her arm in a casting she spends a lot of season four and takes on even more work, takes up the defense work and starts a new division with another big company.

She plays things in the book until she realizes that she can become even more clear by coloring off the lines a bit. Gradually, the authors turn their work ethic, probably her greatest asset, into her biggest mistake. This begins seriously when she helps Jimmy to release Huell, who has been accused of attacking a regular clothing policy with a bag of sandwiches.

Jimmy wants to pull the police's name through clay, but Kim's idea, a fake learning campaign from his fictional citizens in the small town of Arizona, is an ingenious battle. It's a good idea on the author that it sounds wondering why the whole show has not only been a series of legal con tricks by Kim and Jimmy.

Entertaining as it is in the short term you can already see how this will spell problems along the way. As much as they are together, the look of Kim's face looks beneath and after Jimmy is resumed by the bar corner tells us that their relationship will not be much longer, especially when he reinvents himself as Saul.

It is expected that the exhibition will become more violent and dangerous when Saul's career as a criminal attorney starts seriously, but the resulting distance can suffice to save Kim from the cruel fate that some have expected. Disbarment seems to be a more likely fate, especially if someone ever finds out about blueprint switcheroo as Kim and Jimmy go to Wyoming Planning Office.

In the end, while Kim is important to this show and important to Jimmy, she is not so important for the story that follows. She has no reason to stay in Albuquerque if the two grow apart and there is nothing in it Breaking badly which excludes her survival. Of all the new characters, she is the one we want most to make it alive, which everyone takes us to Omaha …

Jimmy McGill

Saul Goodman is dead. Long live Gene Takovic, who works at Cinnabon. The crucial thing about spinning Saul is that his story in Breaking badly is open at both ends. In the very first section, unoThe series immediately released its stall with a surprising cold open which picked up a moustachioed Saul who worked at a fast-paced dinner in a shopping mall.

Every season so far has been opened with a similar scene and played the kind of haunted life that the lawyer formerly known as James Morgan McGill lives now. Highlighting the follow-up activities in steps shows these black and white scenes "Gene" in fear of paying attention, just breaking their facade to offer legal advice when witnessing the arrest of a shop-loving teenager.

The resulting stress causes him to collapse and end up in hospital, where his false ID is subject to further examination. When we left him in season four flashes forward, he was tailed to his home by someone with an Albuquerque typeplate. While no other recognizable signs have been shown yet, we expect it to change very soon.

Because the series draws ever closer to the point where we found Saul, Mike and Gus Breaking badly, the show will to some extent focus more on the follow-up aspect. If they retain the monochrome, it's not surprising if we get at least one episode that's completely black and white before it's everywhere. With this week's news that Gilligan has worked with a movie set after the events Breaking badly, we know that this is something the writers are interested in exploring.

Meanwhile, there is still much to learn about Jimmy in the prequel timeline. More than just making cheese-like TV ads, delivering burner phones and renaming, we have not yet seen how he becomes the character that helps to poison a child at Walt's bidding. His tendency to false emotional impressions while suppressing his real feelings will only desensitize him anymore, while extending his view of the "comedy sidekick lawyer" as we know.

There's so much to come through, we're not sure if we'll ever see Jimmy's second wife (after the sunset incident) cheating on him with his dad, a reference in Breaking badly that Gilligan really wish they had not included it. More pressing, it remains to see if his future will result in some form of redemption or a delayed sticky end.

Final destinations

Even when Walt gets people killed with impunity all the time Breaking badly, Saul is disputed several times to propose it. Most memorably, he uses "send them to Belize" as a euphemism for whacking Walt son-in-law, Hank. With Best to call Saul, some signs are coming there, while others may just make it to Omaha, where we expect the ultimate resolution of the show to take place.

Back in Albuquerque, the next season of the show should see the legal aspect crossover with the criminal side in much more dramatic ways. While not as dark or epic as Breaking badly, the show has lived up to our expectations of a boat history in that world and it only comes closer.

Fortunately, the backstory is not of the hollow, fan-serving "so that's how they got there" the variety is seen in movies like Solo or Prometheus. When you play in the unknown fate of the title character, you also create and develop a wide variety of new characters whose stories are not yet fully explained, Best to call Saul has shown a damn vision more compelling than most prequel shows.

With all the talent behind it they would hardly do Young Sheldon, but as the authors go deeper into this world, it can even be argued that it has become better than the original series. We feel encouraged to theorize and speculate with our knowledge of the future, but we fully accept that there will be more surprises in the store before all dots are joined.

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