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Why is the moon calendar in Vietnam and China different every day?


As of the 7/11 calendar, the moon calendar in Vietnam and China is the difference between. Vietnamese phonology is faster than Chinese one day. While Vietnam has reached 1/10 of the Moon Calendar, it is the 30th month's month in China.

Day difference makes many people think Vietnam will welcome Lunar New Year than China one day?

Why is the moon calendar in Vietnam and China different every day? 0

The explanation of this gap, Nguyen Chi Linh, from the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology (VAST), said that both Vietnam and China calculated monthly cycles but in two different countries.

Representatives of the Information and Documentation Center responded: "China has its own moon count, but as far as few know how they are calculated. Vietnam's calendar is considered to be completely compatible with the world's research experts, such as the United States, France …"

The reason for this difference is that Vietnam calculates international time by +7 while China calculates its international time by + 8, which in turn leads to the difference in calendar time. negative.

In the moon calendar, the first day of the month is moonless (called squirrel). Once the squirrel has been identified, start and end dates are determined for the month. The moon's moon cycle will be about 29.53 days. So if the time for squirrels falls around 0h-24h, the Vietnam calendar is the first day of the month. With China, when the site is 23h-24h, there will be differences since the time zone in this country than Vietnam 1h (GMT +8). The time of day 7/11 in Vietnam ends at 23h2p that day is 1/10 moon calendar. In China it was November 8, so the moon's New Year will be a day slower than in Vietnam.

In response to the worry of the Internet when it is concerned that Vietnam will get the name 2019 before China, Linh said, according to computer analysis data 2018, the monthly calendar twice compared to the Chinese calendar fell on November 7 and December 6. But until the moon's new year 2019, the moon calendar converges in the two countries. Due to the December squirrel stay the same day in two countries.

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