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Toyota Corolla next generation rejuvenation design

Toyota Corolla since generation 12 screened for a private event in the United States. The car's design is similar to the Corolla hatchback version launched last year. Meanwhile, the chassis developed from the TNGA platform, the inner chassis was replaced with many upgrades and added a new four-liter engine of 2.0 liters.

Corolla 2020 was launched in the United States.

Corolla 2020 was launched in the United States.

The new Corolla design changes dramatically. The new style gallery is quite similar to Avalon, a ballast with LED ball. Corolla 2020 is a long, wide, high resolution 4.640 x 1.780 x 1.435 mm. The base shaft reaches 2.700 mm. The new car structure offers a dynamic driving experience as well as a quiet, quiet and safer ride.

Meanwhile, cabin space changed significantly in the interior. Redesigned dashboard. The integrated 8-inch touchscreen integrated entertainment system. Corolla 2020 integrates Apple CarPlay and Amazon Alexa, Wifi connection, 6-speaker audio system.

The Toyota sedan is equipped with a front MacPherson suspension and multi-point rear link. The combination of this suspension makes the car structure more stable and improves driving experience.

Corolla 2020 cabin space redesign.

Corolla 2020 cabin space redesign.

The Corolla 2020, equipped with a Toyota Safety Sense collision warning system, includes warning signals, lane warning, adaptive cruise control. In addition, the car also has other basic safety equipment such as ABS brakes, body stability, 6 airbags.

In the United States, the Corolla 2020 has a 4-cylinder, 2.0-liter engine that produces 169 horsepower in the SE and XSE versions. Meanwhile, the L, LE and XLE versions use the older 1.8 engine, but are modified for improved acceleration.

The Toyota Corolla 2020 sedan is currently unavailable. The car is expected to be available in the US and Europe in spring 2019.

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