Sunday , January 17 2021

Threat: Photography at night kills 4 people | security

Talk to us tonight at 10 pm (November 26), Lieutenant Colonel Pham The Long, Deputy Chief of Police at the Bac Tra My District (Quang Nam), said that the area had just had two consecutive shootings. The consequences caused four deaths: one died, two were seriously injured and a small child injured his arm.

“These two cases are located on NH 40B, 400 meters apart. One was in Tra Duong municipality and one in Tra My town, “said Lieutenant Colonel Long.

Specifically, the shooting occurred which killed a person in the village of Duong Thanh, Tra Duong municipality. The second happened in Tra My town and seriously injured two people and a small child.

Before that, the source of PLO has also confirmed this information.

According to initial information, an explosion took place in the village of Duong Thanh, Tra Duong municipality, where a person was killed around 19:30 the same day.

Two people were seriously injured and a child with a minor hand injury during the shooting was transferred to the emergency hospital.

The injured were related to mothers, children and grandchildren in a family.

After the shooting occurred, the suspect left the scene. At present, the competent forces are quickly tracking down the suspect and investigating the cause of these two terrifying shootings.

The PLO will continue to update the information.

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