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The third pregnancy after 3 months Caesarean section, Hai Bing sisters milk milk "worry about fever" -Bath

The singer said she was pregnant eight weeks after giving birth to three months. This information about her made friends and relatives extremely worried.

After 3 months of pregnancy, sister "boom" controversy

Recently, female singer Ba Bing shared information about pregnant, 2 month old fetuses and had a fetal heart. The joy was not immediately accompanied by the worry of the new honeybees Caesarea 3 months ago and this is the third time this singer is pregnant.

Birth Control 3 after three born, two states believe that the child is not

New Ebony Shampoo on her profile 8 weeks after Caesarean section 3 months 16 days.

Therefore, after posting, the information is pregnant attracted many netizens. In particular, many women "criticize" the singer and the wife because of the "dose", after birth, do not refuse "sex" to finally break the plan, putting both mother and child at risk.

Account T.L commented: "It's too dangerous, lacks basic knowledge. After birth, especially Caesarean section, should refrain at least until the examination again. Women often chuckle the heavy man and finally the consequences of all their suffering, not to mention suffering also suffers.

Same point, H.H.M account expressed: "It's too much a month to have a man who does not know how to keep his wife, Madam can not refuse her husband and now suffers the whole family." If she says it's not okay, not clear, then scared, two children. You must feel your own health protection. "

Birth Control 3 after three born, two states believe that the child is not

Many sisters are quite hard, saying the ice "dos", careless.

In addition, there are people to defend the sea, saying that she is not retarded "sex" after birth but only a little.

"Read some women told her to be born 3 months pregnant with 2 months, people born 3 months 16 days, 15 weeks, only 8 weeks pregnant (do not count optional from menstruation startup, is not calculated. When it comes to sex she is abstained in about 7 or 8 weeks, and the doctor is only addicted for six weeks, and now they are in dangerous situations, women are together? Sympathy, motivation as just hook hook, criticized ", Q.N account rejected.

"If I give up or keep it dangerous, I'm sure, and I choose to keep my child and I think she's more sad than being spoiled, and she's trying to find a solution. Meet the good doctor to help things to go smoothly, her mother and daughter are safe ", shared T.T.D account.

Birth Control 3 after three born, two states believe that the child is not

But many sisters shared and sympathized with her.

Along with that, many sisters also share the history of pregnancy shortly after the Caesarean section. Like the case of Ms. D.D.Y: "I sympathize deeply with Hai Bing. After 3 months of Caesarean section, we also found 6 weeks. No one wants to be friends but then who can leave me and how much is the jump? I was also successful, avoiding the potential risks and finally healthy children. So I wish you happy, happy and happy with the third pregnancy.

What did the doctor say?

In this matter, Doctor Nguyen Thi Ngoc Bich – Deputy Head of Obstetrics and Gynecology Department – Main 2, Thanh Nhan Hospital identified the possible dangers in the case similar to Hai tape.

The doctor said that even if the doctor had instructed her on the issue of contraception during the postnatal period, "incident" still occurs.

If you are pregnant after 3 months of Caesarean section, the mother may meet the following factors.

– You have to go down

– Honeymoon has not recovered from the malnutrition of the fetus.

– Slow development.

Birth Control 3 after three born, two states believe that the child is not

Cannabis may be in danger of premature pregnancy after Caesarean section.

– Inexplicable infertility can lead to miscarriage and childbirth: If women who have had a second prenatal caesarean section less than 18 months old, the child may be premature, underweight, jaundice, poor hearing, intellectual or physical development when the child grows. .

– Pregnancy risk on old Caesarean section: Caesarean constriction is a very ectopic pregnancy. People who have had a hysterectomy will have a scar on the uterus of the uterus. Meanwhile, the fertilization process, the fertilized egg usually sticks to the uterus, so that the pregnancy can be attached to the scar.

In addition to these dangerous complications, pregnant women can also risk infection with placenta placenta placenta placenta, bleeding …

– Combination teeth: Case placenta praevia, which clamps to the front of patients with erroperation, is the risk of each other very high comb. In these cases, surgery should be performed and the risk of hysterectomy and blood transfusion present. Sometimes there are damage to nearby organs such as the bladder, intestines … due to the invasion of these organs.

– If you have a high risk of cracking and uterine cavity: Old surgical scars are a major obstetric complication, commonly seen in women who have had a caesarean section with longitudinal cervix, uterine fibers, uterine surgery and perforation of the uterus. abortion …

This condition may occur at the second pregnancy after cesarean delivery within 6 – 9 months of birth. Cystic fibrosis in pregnancy usually occurs during the third trimester and third trimester of pregnancy.

The revelation of old cystsarcoma is a sharp pain in the uterus, usually in the area of ​​the old incision. Even the cracks in the old incision make the mother severely anesthetized and adversely affect the life of the mother and the fetus.

Birth Control 3 after three born, two states believe that the child is not

Doctors warn of having a baby after a cesarean delivery is very dangerous. (Artwork)

What should you do when you get pregnant early after a Caesarean section?

The obstetricians recommend that a pregnant woman be diagnosed within 1-2 years after a caesarean section. Ensure security or not. At the same time women need to be consulted on how to maintain good health and to detect the risk of incidence early.

For the third cesarean section, women must have special care and follow-up care than others. Upon delivery, the doctor will prescribe caesarean sections for pregnant women earlier than working hours to avoid risk of longevity.

In addition, the obstetrician pointed, the abortion, suction in this case can also lead to the perforation situation. At the new woman's womb ended very soft next to the old incision.

Just removed after 5 days Caesarean section, told a doctor for the nervous system: I roll the belly in my stomach!

Given that childcare can not be forgotten, Hai Bing only started wearing belts to regain shape.

According to Binh An (Discovery)

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