Tuesday , September 28 2021

The major corruption cases through the "interest group", the "backyard" business … are revealed gradually

This is one of the content reported to the National Assembly in order to serve the Judicial Criminal Justice Report on two days from 13 to 14/11.

Ask the government to correct that officials go abroad in violation of the regulations

The combat control report emphasizes the implementation of measures to prevent corruption in connection with the asset and income statement.

UB judge, in 2018 the number of declarations is very large. Authorities have verified 44 people / 1.1 million people have declared but found only 6 cases of crime (increase 1 case compared to 2017). It shows that verification of assets and income is not an effective way of preventing corruption.

As regards the change in the working position, the Verification Report clearly states that the Corruption Act stipulates that a person and a manager may not participate in the establishment, management and administration of the company. It is not allowed for relatives to do business in their direct responsibility … but through supervision and public opinion, voters and the press, implementation of these provisions is still strictly creating the phrase "interest groups", parentheses between the state sector and the companies "backyard", "family businesses", with the help of their influence to bid on projects, acquire public land, illegal lending, withdrawal from the state ….

Furthermore, the Verification Bureau pointed out that in some ministries, branches and locations, the establishment and approval of delegations to foreign countries did not comply with the provisions. In cases where leaders go abroad for work many times a year, many delegations go abroad with the content of the survey and study experiences, but mainly for sightseeing, tourism, regulation of regimes and politics.

There are projects to organize three delegations to study and study foreign models, but a delegation has no reports, two groups have reported but not related to research content … and according to public opinion, the press is still ongoing.

The justice commission recommends the government to immediately inspect and correct this situation in due time.

As regards the handling of corrupt crimes, the investigating body considered that the management of the corruption manager's responsibility for the past has increased, but not yet proportional to the cases and cases. Corruption is detected and managed, indicating signs of losing responsibility for the head of corruption. In 2018 56 managers of irresponsible corruption were handled or examined, while 472 defendants were found to be guilty of corruption costs.

Continue pulling down, reject corruption

Judging the situation of corruption, UB Justice agreed with the government's assessment that the situation of corruption in 2018 is still complicated. The situation of "painful corruption", harassment and negativity in the administrative and public services area still occurs in many places, causing problems for people and businesses. The government predicts that in 2019, corruption will continue to contain, be prevented, driven back and reduced.

In addition, UB Justice said that corruption is still a challenge and one of the most pressing issues in society today. In addition to "painful corruption" major corruption cases occur in the form of "interest groups", "backyard" companies, "family companies" … gradually, must be identified, evaluated to have appropriate preventive measures.

As regards the shortcomings and weaknesses of anti-corruption work, the investigator emphasizes some content that must be overcome in 2019.

That is, some agencies, law enforcement agencies are not strict, disciplined, disciplined also loose. Some party committees, party organizations and authorities have not yet been fully aware of the seriousness of the corruption situation in the areas and areas under management, not yet exemplifying and decisive in the management. , management, implementation of anti-corruption measures should lead to the situation "on the hot, under cold", "on the transfer, during the transfer".

The implementation of publicity, openness, accountability in the organization of organizations, organizations, entities in certain places is not good. Ownership of assets and income for persons with positions and powers has not been verified. There is no sufficiently strong mechanism for controlling power in people with positions and powers.

Verifying agencies noted that there were serious and serious corruption cases in some law enforcement agencies, including cases involving both officials and officials. level in the armed forces; Many cases of coverage, support for corruption, negative publicity publicity, the agency stressed.

According to the verification report, the recovery of corrupt assets is low. The self-denial of corruption within agencies, organizations and entities is still weak, but no solutions have been found. There is no effective solution to prevent major corruption cases, "interest groups", "backyard companies".


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