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The companies provide compensation for damaged baggage


Regarding the fact that two employees of the Tan Son Nhat Ground Service Center were fired to violate service standards for loading and unloading goods on board, November 6, a representative of Airline No. Jetstar Pacific says there are many different levels of discipline and redundancies are stricter.

With the staffing of staff, Jetstar Pacific's board also requested centers and units to strengthen enforcement, ensure proper loading and unloading, ensuring security for cargo, luggage and safety. All for passengers. The company's strict discipline against two employees is also intended to discourage other employees from following the rules.

Earlier, after a report of Jetstar's loading and unloading of passengers was reported, many passengers expressed frustration when luggage was thrown out of the conveyor belt.

Why did Jetstar take two flight crew? - Photo 1.

Loading workers suck at the airport. Photo: L.Anh

Poor luggage on the conveyor belt is not uncommon, although some passengers said the luggage was broken, broken, damaged under the plane and luggage.

Representatives of an airline said that companies have strict rules and procedures for the carriage of goods, passenger baggage, including conditions, complaints, compensation.

"After the employee was divorced for the infringement, the company steered the monitoring and control of cargo and baggage procedures. People therefore recommend that passengers packed luggage at the airport and luggage for passengers," explained the Jetstar Pacific representative.

In case of compensation for damage, loss, damage, the carrier is stated in the shipping regulations. In the case of Jetstar Pacific, the airline regulates passenger baggage compensation based on actual damage and the passenger is responsible for proving the damage.

According to Vietjet, the carrier is not liable for damage caused by defects in character, quality or lack of baggage. reasonable wear and tear caused by normal movement and impact during transport with air. The carrier shall compensate for loss of baggage in accordance with the passenger being responsible for proving the damage.

Vietjet replacement policy is based on luggage weight 200,000 VND / kg, international tax rate of 20 USD / kg or equivalent. Specially damaged luggage will have other compensation levels ranging from 150,000 to 300,000 VND, such as damaged, broken hand, wheels, broken zipper …

However, the airline also says that the passenger is checked baggage and that no complaint at this time is sufficient proof that the cargo has been transported in good condition, except on a case by case basis. Guests have other clear proof.

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