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Thai Nguyen reported Supreme Container Service supporting Innova back on the highway


Earlier (November 1-2), Thai Nguyen held an appeal against the ruling of the Court of First Instance, which reduced the sentence of defendant Ngo Van Son (Innova driver back to the highway) from 10 years in prison. to 9 years in prison, Le Ngoc Hoang (container driver on Innova car) responded from 8 years in prison to 6 years in prison together for charges for violation of road vehicle management regulations.

Immediately after the sentence, many opinions do not warrant objectivity, fair and more contradictory data.

The presidential judge of the trial on the container truck stood Innova who drove back on the highway on November 1-2, Le Thi Hong Phuong was.

The presidential judge of the trial on the container truck stood Innova who drove back on the highway on November 1-2, Le Thi Hong Phuong was.

The main right of Thai Nguyen People's Rights Nguyen Van Chung claims that the appeal court was legally effective, but the defendant's family member Le Ngoc Hoang complained that the sentence was not correct. After rumors spread, the Supreme People's Court has asked the Thai Nguyen Provincial People's Court to submit and report the entire process in the case.

Mr Chung said that the trial procedure, the judge was independent and obeyed the law.

Do not reveal the content of the report to the Supreme People's Law on November 5, but Nguyen Van Chung stressed that the Thai Nguyen Court had justified the law. "After this, the wrong place will be to consider handling," said Chung.

Supreme People's Law Deputy Supreme Court Nguyen Tri Tue analyzes: The appeal judgment has legal effect and under its jurisdiction, the High People's Courts of Hanoi may withdraw the file during the appeal procedure. of the international law of Thai Nguyen.

But as soon as the information about the incident was heard, the Supreme People's Rights requested the High Level Group in Hanoi to consider it. At the same time, the Supreme People's Rights also awarded the case study department.

Waiting for the High Court in Hanoi cassation review

According to the dossier, November 19, 1616, Ngo Van Son ran an Innova car with 10 passengers from Bac Ninh to Thai Nguyen City for brunch. In the afternoon that same day, the driver drove over the Yen Binh junction (Pho Yen city, Thai Nguyen province) to drive the car back to the junction.

Currently, the driver, Le Ngoc Hoang, drives the tractor car trailers on the highway at speeds of 60 to 65 km / h. When approaching the intersection, Innova turned in front of the red brake light. The Le Ngoc Hoang driver did not slow down and looked behind the mirror. With the other cars on the other side, Huang could not change paths, so he dropped Innova's tail and caused the four to die on the spot.

The place of the horrible accident on 19/11/2016.

The place of the horrible accident on 19/11/2016.

Disputes authorities accuse the driver Le Ngoc Hoang not keeping speed and distance with the car immediately before the first court enforced royal 8 years. In the appeal test, the Thai Nguyen sent the People's Court the rate of Hoang to 6 years in prison, 9 years old. During the proceedings, the family of defendant Le Ngoc Hoang continually submitted an application to the central offices.

Attorney Giang Hong Thanh (Defense Attorney for Defendant Hoang) said the case shows that Le Ngoc Hoang has done his best. Hoang runs at a speed of 62 km / h according to the allowed speed and keeps the distance with Innova cars in accordance with the rules 60-70 m. But Innova has not been able to force Hoang's car to keep a safe distance because if they want to meet this, Hoang's car will just … also run back.

"No one can keep a safe distance from the car. When it was discovered Innova backwards, Hoang Brakes made" dead "track wheels on the road surface 48m long" – Thanh advokatenalys.

Deputy Chief Justice Nguyen Tri Tue stressed, the case has gone through the procedure of three agencies. Therefore, after receiving the file, the Supreme International Law must study, evaluate very carefully. On November 5, PV AP Many times, the leader of the High Court in Hanoi contacted to ask if cassation review was possible but not received an answer.


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