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"Shopping" to overthrow the city

Tuesday 20/11/2013 13:01 (GMT + 7)

Chelsea, with the ambition to overthrow City and wants to deal with the transfer agreement that FIFA threatens to hit, intends to buy up to four players in the next transfer window.

Christian Pulisic performances from the beginning of the 2018/19 season

This season, many people do not believe in the possibility of winning the Premier League Chelsea After last season, they released themselves from the Champions League under Antonio Conte. But with Maurizio Sarri's talent and effectiveness of the new signing Jorginho & Kepa, Chelsea is still with Liverpool and defends champion Manchester City obesegrade.


Chelsea are unbeaten in the Premier League from the start of the season

Still, there are still many points that Sarrians need to improve. Alvaro Morata's score was uneven, while Olivier Giroud did a good wall but did not do well. Pedro & Willian's age in the wing position, while Marcos Alonso's left back position is a major weakness, as Alonso is slow or attacking.

In addition to the credibility that coach Sarri has taken with tactics and maneuvering, there is another reason that Chelsea owners continue to invest more for the Italian coach to compete for the championship with Man City. & Liverpool.

FIFA recently began investigating and threatening Chelsea for a two-year commercial bonus of Football Leaks documents, which indicates that Chelsea had violated the rules for recruiting players under 18, so it was time for Chelsea to shop just before. Punish shots down.

According to Mirror, Chelsea aim at 4 goals. Genoa Krzystof Piatek, Alex Sandro (Juventus) and Elseid Hysaj (Naples) are both Christian A & Christian Wort Christian Pulisic. Piatek leads the Serie A score list despite his first season in Italy, while Pulisic, Sandro and Hysaj have been in the club's back in recent years.


Friday, Pulisic, Hysaj and Sandro, four goals Chelsea are touched in January 2019

All four players will get new solutions in positions that will strengthen Chelsea. Patsk will compete with Morata while Pulisic is younger than Pedro & Willian. Sandro can replace Alonso, while Hysaj plays the right back and can help Cesar Azpilicueta to move to the middle.

It's not easy to buy these four players because the clubs want to spend money from the Premier League. Their total market value is currently GBP 120 million, according to the Transfer Market, but prices are likely to be more expensive, especially with regard to Piatek & Pulisic, both of which are still young and relegated.

Morata missed the class: Chelsea has regretted more than $ 1,700 billion

Morata shook her head again for the opportunity to miss her unbelievably.

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