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Search for national costumes for H & # 39; Hen Nights for Miss Universe 2018


With the sponsorship of VIFON, the national costume competition for Miss H & # 39; Nien's first Miss Universe 2018, bold Vietnamese culture, was a creative and full of surprises.

Not just a contest

Miss Ms. National Costume Contest Do not Miss Miss Universe 2018 enter the final after selecting Top 3. Three patterns have the highest number of votes in turn include: Cake Noodle (Pham Phuoc Dien), Old Town ( Nguyen Dinh Thuan) and Ngu Ho (Nguyen Dang Thanh Nhan) continue to run for the top leak and a match with H & # 39; Hen Nie in the section. National costume of Miss Universe 2018 – which takes place in Thailand in December. This last round will be for the audience and takes place from 05/11/2018 to 07/11/2018.

Search for national costumes for H & # 39; Hen Nights for Miss Universe 2018

In view of "Reaching Far Away", the competition was the first time this organization has attracted many young people, designers and specialists are not interested. This is considered to be an interesting and unique competition when the culture of Vietnamese identity is boldly expressed, breaking down the former stereotype.

It is a design that expresses a passionate passion for street food, but has its own signature Vietnamese bread or a groundbreaking innovation that unites the world heritage in Hoi An Old Town. in every detail. The values ​​of Vietnam's cultural identity, such as the dragon's image, the tiger and the art of singing Tuong – seem to be forgotten, are sent in a skilled manner by the participants on the products that are designed in a way. careful, eye-catching and most of all. All these cordials want to help preserve and develop cultural values ​​of national identity and spread the beauty of Vietnam to the world.

Search for national costumes for H & # 39; Hen Nights for Miss Universe 2018

Together with this program, VIFON is also a brand that is always affixed and familiar to consumers at home and abroad.

When the ideal is the same

VIFON was founded in 1963 and has become a pioneer in the Vietnamese fast food industry and launched and created the trend of packing traditional specialties in three regions of Vietnam such as noodles, crab cakes, … to make the food more comfortable and come to more people. After 55 years, VIFON is now widely available in 64 provinces and cities in Vietnam and more than 80 countries in the world, including those with very strict imperatives in the United States, Australia, Japan, Korea. National and European Union.

Search for national costumes for H & # 39; Hen Nights for Miss Universe 2018

With the reason for continuous learning, the way of building and developing VIFON not only highlights quality products and ensures consumer health, but also draws the dream of removing the Vietnamese brand. more, confirmed the position of Vietnamese empire in the world. It is also the way and mission that the Miss Universe national costume search will complete. With the same spirit of orientation and ideals, it is not surprising that VIFON decided to follow the competition. In addition, with the creativity and novelty of each design, VIFON will take the contestant's dream come true world.

Mr. Nguyen Vinh Phuc – Marketing Manager, VIFON Brand Representative said: "We realize that ethnic costumes are an extremely attractive competition, introducing the country's beauty and a good opportunity to market. Pictures of Vietnam. Therefore, VIFON hopes to give more strength to H Nie, to trust the young talents, reach out to Vietnamese taste, spread the core of Vietnam to the world.

Besides the end, participants will have the opportunity to win 10 million kronor in cash and one year with VIFON instant noodles for the Design was voted the most. Consequently, the most successful voters also receive 5 million in cash and one year in Ngon Ngon VIFON.

Search for national costumes for H & # 39; Hen Nights for Miss Universe 2018

In the coming period, VIFON will continue to accompany the national costume contest and Miss H & # 39; No Nie on the journey to conquer Miss Universe 2018.

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