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SAO Malaysia says it does not have to overestimate Vietnam

Friday, 16/11/2018 00:04 (GMT + 7)

Shahrul Saad in Malaysia said in the press not to be too high Vietnam.

Coach Park Hang Seo and Captain Van Quynh responded to the press conference (Source: On Sports)

SAO Malaysia claims that it does not overestimate Vietnam

Malaysian Shahrul Saad is extremely safe before the game says that he does not need to be promoted by Malaysia with the same strength and will play fair in My Dinh.

AFF Cup AFC Cup: SAO Malaysia claims that they do not overstate Vietnam - 1

Shahrul Saad told the newspaper Kosmo

"I think Malaysia's strength is comparable to its rivals, not just Vietnam but Thailand."

"We do not deny that Vietnam has had such great achievements, but we have made considerable progress so we are convinced enough to meet them, even if they are gone."

Malaysia is afraid of Quang Hai and calls Vietnam's "Golden Dragon"

In Group A AFF Cup 2018, the match between Vietnam Tel and Malaysia will be the most distinctive feature – the other group.

Therefore, Malaysia's New Straits Times is doubtful to appreciate the home team's opponents. "Vietnam is obviously the top game when playing at My Dinh Stadium, secondly, nobody will argue because Vietnam is ranked 102. FIFA, while Malaysia is only 169."

AFF Cup AFC Cup: SAO Malaysia claims that it is not necessary to override Vietnam - 2

Malaysian newspapers appreciate very much the two stars in Vietnam

To enhance the view, the author of the article has called that the current players in the Vietnam team are the golden generation and expressed their admiration for the two stars Cong Phuong and Quang Hai, two members Help U23 Vietnam to win the Asian Championship in U23 Asia 2018 .

The article has a paragraph. "In the Vietnam team, coach Hang Seo collected 15 stars to qualify for the Asian U23 final in China in January.

Among the golden generation are excellent midfielder Nguyen Quang Hai and Nguyen Cong Phuong – called "Messi of Vietnam". In the battle against Laos, both Quang Hai and Cong Phuong have opened fire to help Vietnam Tel win 3-0. "

But the News Straits Times still gained more attention to Quang Hai. "Quang Hai scored five goals in the U23 Asian Cup final in 2018, this player is admired everywhere. The final goal against Uzbekistan was chosen as the best goal.

To evaluate the overall strength of Vietnam TelThis article also referred to the players in Park Hang Seo as "Golden Dragons", all of which aim to talk about Vietnamese football at a level other than Cambodia and Laos, Malaysia at the AFF Cup this year.

At the moment, both teams are preparing for the final tomorrow's conflict. Earlier yesterday, the Malaysian national team arrived in Vietnam to prepare for the match.

Understand that after landing at the airport, Captain Zaquan Adha showed very determined but knows that the upcoming match will be very difficult. "For us, Vietnam is a very strong team, this game will not be easy but the whole team will try its best."

At the 10 AFF Cup meetings, Vietnam Tel Take advantage of five wins and two moves. As planned, the confrontation between Vietnam and Malaysia will take place at 19:30 on November 16 in the My Dinh National Stadium.

Malaysia: Park teacher shocked with Xuan Truong?

Xuan Truong may be excluded from the starting line when Vietnam Tel to Malaysia 16/11.

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