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Ronaldo is engaged with girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez

The CR7 news and girlfriend were engaged

The CR7 news and girlfriend were engaged

Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez recently celebrated their first child, Alan Martina. It is remarkable that in conjunction with the princess is a year old, CR7 also seems to have planned another big event.

"Ronaldo asked Georgina's wedding and a wedding would be held, but only a few knew it. At this point, it is revealed that Georgina has tried several wedding dresses, says a source close to him to journalists.

Georgina Rodriguez caused one

Georgina Rodriguez caused a "storm" with a super hot ring on hand

While the news of the engagement has spread, the two main characters, Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez, are still occupied in London, England. The CR7 is extremely languorous and thoughtful when he gives his girlfriend to eat at his own restaurant, as well as those who love going to the opera concert.

But the most remarkable is the extremely expensive Cartier Ring Georgina Rodriguez wearing her little finger. The CR7 girlfriend then made his own ring on Instagram's personal page, as a "leopard" movement with the fans.

CR7 has not yet resolved the scandal of violence

CR7 has not yet resolved the scandal of violence

It is regrettable that the news came in connection with C. Ronaldo involved in violent scandals. Since it was forced to model the American model Kathryn Mayorga at a Las Vegas hotel, CR7 has repeatedly expressed his appeal while claiming innocent.

But Ronaldo is still facing a lively legal challenge. And maybe the CR7 can only peacefully celebrate the wedding with Georgina Rodriguez after passing this rape.

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