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Repayment loans with unreasonable interest events


On many of the walls, poles or any space on the walls of Hanoi there is a leaflet for "Alo's Money", "Low Loan Loans," "Financial Assistance to Disadvantaged", "Loans Without Security" .

In the Thanh Xuan District (Hanoi) near the Architecture College, the Security Academy, the College of Posts and Telecommunications, has more than 20 money lending stores. Long street (Dong Da District) is about 4 km long, but concentrated to more than 50 stores.

In mid October 1818, Phong phoned the phone number on the stickers, a man who confirmed that the "low interest" lender had a simple procedure. Not much on the phone, this person told Phong to the Financial Support Office in Lang Road to exchange specific.

In the store there is a sign outside the beautiful SIM card sales, Phong is led through the glass door to enter the "Loan Transaction Office". Here he found that five people are homepaper writing, fingerprint and counting the money. All transactions are done quickly.

The lender says that the customer only needs to show his identity card, household registration book and unsecured work contract. After the first agreement, the lounge sends the person to his residence and workplace for verification. "Just about an hour is money," he said.

Credit card debt consolidation loan.

Advertise on fast loans.

According to shopkeepers, here are loans in the form of deductions, also known as flush them. Borrowers are paid daily before interest and principal payments.

If you borrow 10 million, customers can only hold about 8 million and pay 200 000 VND per day within 50 days. This means that the borrower will be deducted from 20% of the loan amount. "Those who have a household registration book in Hanoi can get a loan of 30 million dong, get not only about 10-20 million dong and are addicted to work," explains the lawyer.

Daily, the debtor must go to the store to pay or pay through the transfer. In case of force majeure, the creditor sends people to collect money.

Thus, customers must accept interest rates close to 15% per month, equivalent to almost 180% per annum. At the same time, credit institutions lend 10-14% per annum.

The loan amount is quite affordable. Dance: Dailymotion.

Advertising borrowed money everywhere. Photo: Pham Duan.

Needs money to pay tuition, after a long time, Mr. Tai (University student in Hanoi) called the phone number of the flyer posted in the pole by Dich Vong (Cau Giay, Hanoi). borrowed 10 million. About 30 minutes after contacting two young men driving a motorcycle to the lodge Tai. See all the papers, they agreed to lend VND4 million to an interest of VND5,000 per million in one day.

"If you want to borrow 10 million, then the two classmates (holding the student card, ID card) to the store to confirm. To borrow more, it is mandatory to have a household registration book from Hanoi, says a young man.

To the financial headquarters in Mai Dich Ward (Cau Giay District), Tai Tai is a man over 40 years in charge of the principal and interest. "The procedure is quite simple, but I have all my information so do not think about running away. Many tried to escape the debt but failed," he reinforced.

If he agrees to borrow 4 million VND in one month, he must write a loan and pay 600,000 VND in interest. In the debit note only the amount, the loan period and no interest. Borrowers must then talk about interest rates and it forces business owners to take video as evidence.

"Black credit as a day robbery"

According to a police police department (Hanoi Police) staff, many cases were destroyed and many involved were arrested, but people still end up in the black credit crunch. "Financial support" organizations often explained the behavior of remuneration in various forms to deal with the authorities. Borrowers who can not pay their debts will be subject to black gangs, threats, deliberate injuries.

At the National Crime Prevention Committee (138), General Security Secretary Su Lam said that local reports showed black credit crimes the loan is going on very complicated, essentially "almost robbed day".

The police are fighting with hundreds of nice loan sharks and leases. According to the Ministry of Public Security is the cause of the problem due to the economic situation, many people, companies with capital difficulties should borrow. Some of the young people who do not work also play a profit. Treatment of sanctions is not sufficient. government's inadequacy …

Receipts can go to prison

Advocate Vu Tien Vinh (Bao A Law Firm) said in Article 201 of the Criminal Code 2015 that in civil transactions, borrowers at an interest rate five times higher than the maximum rate provided for in the Ministry of Civil Law (currently 20% / year), illegal profits from 30 to less than 100 million … will be banned from 50 to 200 million or non-detention reforms for up to three years.

In cases where criminals receive illegal profits of 100 million or more, they will be fined between 200 million VND and 1 billion VND or a prison period of between six months and three years.

If lending of heavy interests is not sufficiently serious to be subject to criminal liability, the fine may be imposed in accordance with the provisions of Article 11 of Decree No 167/2013 / ND-CP with a fine of between VND 5 and 15 million.

The law does not determine the legal liability for borrowers in heavy mortgages. However, they are protected by law in these civilian transactions. In case of dispute, the borrower has sufficient evidence to prove that the loan rate is high, the principal amount is to be paid together with the interest amount calculated at the central bank's interest rate.

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