Sunday , January 17 2021

Quang Nam: Watching TV with his wife, shot to death by a neighbor | | News

Quang Nam: Watching TV with his wife, shot and killed by a neighbor - photo 1

Police are present at the scene to investigate the cause of the shooting.

Consequently, suspect Do Xuan Hai (39 years old, in Duong Thanh village, Tra Duong municipality, Bac Tra My district, Quang Nam) took a homemade pistol driving the BS 92 motorcycle around 7pm on the same day (November 26). – F8 2641 went to the neighbor’s house, Mr. Nguyen Thanh At (49 years old, living in the same place) to resolve the conflict.

As soon as he arrived and saw Mr. Trong watching TV with his wife in the living room, Hai immediately pulled out his homemade gun and shot many times in the chest, killing the victim on the spot. After the crime was completed, Hai left his motorcycle and fled the scene.

After receiving the news, the Bac Tra My police teamed up with Quang Nam Province Police and professional units to quickly present, organized a stage investigation, autopsy to investigate and clarify the matter. . In addition, the competent forces are trying to arrest the suspect who caused the murder. The cause of the use of homemade weapons to kill neighbors is currently being investigated and clarified.

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