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New young men grab hair, stop girlfriend on the street – DVO


In connection with information about young men cutting their hair, punched bags of dust on his girlfriend on Hanoi Street, on November 7th, were exchanged with Dat Viet newspaper, representatives of the Thinh Quang ward police and Lang Ha ward police. Dong Da District, Hanoi) said that both units have not received reports of the event.

At the same time, the same day, many people share the clip recorded pictures of young men seize hair banging girlfriend on the street in front of the crowd is so angry that many people.

According to the division, the event occurred on the shoulder Yen Lang street, Dong Da, Hanoi.

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Young men urgent, beat hands girlfriend in front of the witness of many people on the road.

The picture in the clip showed that, as the couple had conflicts before, the young girl constantly took his shirt and fought with the young man on the street.

Dragged to the broken shirt, the young man rushed, the girl barked out and repeatedly shouted "hands off yet!".

However, the girlfriend continued to pull the shirt, tugged on the road in front of the people's curiosity.
Then, perhaps because of his girlfriend's discomfort, the young man immediately grabbed his hair, pushed his girl's throat to the side, then slammed him in his head and back.

When the girl attacked, some of the villagers came forward. At this time, young people stop talking loudly at the "nonsense".

When people saw the crash, the young man was silent and picked up things that fell on the road while fighting to get in his pockets, and then the couple quickly boarded the motorcycle. from the stage.

Thuy Dung

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