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My 9x goodbye to young lover to start new business with ex-boyfriend Xuan My?


In mid October 1818, the social networking information dissident Runner Huyen My and rumored boyfriend Bao Hung have "gone all" after a period of "dating in the dark." The question is if they no longer look at each other at Instagram.

In some forums showbiz, information runner Huyen, my farewell to his boyfriend is also shared high. It is unclear why the two "solve", but many people take action to stop watching social networks, no longer care about the enemy, partly showing how the couple breaks up.

Rumors about Huyen My – Bao Hung "dissolute" spread in October in October.

But so far, runner 1 Miss Vietnam 2014 There is no official statement about the information being disseminated. On the personal side, the beautiful Nguyen only regretted the love affair when the fans called on the wedding.

"Sometimes it's impatient to see the concept of wedding photos here, but the feeling of my feelings is always scared. Who's who?", Huyen My confided.

In my suspicion Huyen my farewell farewell to Bao Hung has not been clear, recently brother Ngoc Trinh continued rumor dating with Diem My 9x. Netizens commented that Bao Hung and Diem My have a relationship on the intimate level when recently on their personal side have many strange moves.

Accordingly, Brother Banh Duong Ngoc Trinh often shares the moments of "love thought" as wearing double double shoes with a girl's yellow face. This long coincidence born in 1990 was also enthusiastic as the button for pictures of Bao Hung.

Not only that, the couple also follows each other on social networks. Bao Hung's picture published a "similar button" appearance of the 28-year-old actress.

Coincidence of Diem My 9x and "rumor lover" Huyen My.

A second time between Bao Hung and Diem My 9x is to "dig out" the image of women's shoes posted by this person. Even if they only "show up" the mysterious girl's legs but fans found the person in the foot they match the shoes as the actress Old ladies way every berry.

I do not know if the real Diem My 9x dating "rumor lover" from Huyen My or not, but with the evidence available, the Internet confirmed something between Diem My and Bao Hung have a special relationship.

At the moment, the actress and Bao Hung have not made any statements about the rumors of the date. will contact both to clarify the damage.

Bao Hung shares pictures that hide the girl's hidden face.

Actress Diem Min 9x.

Moc Viet According to the Vietnam Network

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