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Lee Jong Suk is left at the Indonesian airport


Monday, 05/11/2018 20:18 (GMT + 7)

Prince has come to Vietnam fans fan "fainting" suddenly held at the airport.

On 5.11.2011, Korean actor Lee Jong Suk uploaded a photo at Jakarta (Indonesia) airport. He announced that he was imprisoned by the police after a fan meeting in the country.

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Lee Jong Suk catches the airport in Indonesia where he was arrested

Lee Jong Suk said: "I could finish the good fan meeting, but then my staff and I got stuck in Jakarta. We stayed there yesterday …"

He further explained: "The representative unit for the Jakarta fan meeting, Yes24, has committed crimes against the tax authorities. They report lower profits than real sales.

Although my crew is not involved in this, the authorities have kept our passport and have not yet returned.

I hope that Yes24 together with the associated agencies Cre8tive Lab and Yumetomo will solve it all quickly. "

"I've never been in such a situation, so I do not know what to do … (Mom's coming home late …)".

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The actor has never fallen in the trap of being held abroad

Another source from Lee Jong Success's A-Man Project agency confirmed what the actor shared and stated,I'm trying to solve the problem in Jakarta. We adjust Lee Jong Suk's schedule to not affect other members.

HOT: America's famous man Lee Jong Suk imprisoned in Indonesia - 3

Lee Jong Suk is famous for his "clean" career without scandal

Lee Jong Suk is a famous actor who has been popular with the Asian audience for many drama series and movies Pinocchio, When she is sleeping, American War, Boomers, School 2013, I hear your voice …

In August 2010, he went to Vietnam to participate in an event. The presence of Lee Jong Suk caused many fans to "fever", the road was full of congestion.

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