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Monday 12/11/2018 8:35 PM (GMT + 7)

Last weekend, "Travel from the Heart – Great Travel of Great Chianti – Kien Quoc Start for 30 Million Vietnamese Youth" organized by Trung Nguyen Legend Group at Nha Trang University and Nha Trang Teachers College Khanh Hoa. Ms. Makes My Linh , beautiful media Ngoc Linh and singer Maya received great attention when exchanging and signing books for students.

Ms. My Linh is very honored to accompany the program because she contributes to inspiration to make reading habits for young people. My Linh hopes that his experiences can add motivation and energy to make your dreams come true.

Miss America:

History overcome the difficulties, challenges to Miss Vietnam 2016 and win Miss World Beauty Awards 2017 Mina Linh impress students. According to her, the Miss Vietnam competition is always exciting when she thinks about it. Because this is a contest where she had to fight alone, no team, no relatives, no friends at the party like other friends. "While many candidates invest in costumes, make up, exercise very carefully before, Linh has to borrow your items, the clothes are not worn out as needed, limited funds … Linh Smink, dress up, pay after pay. Sometimes Linh feels self-conscious but thinks that is the spirit of strength and confidence. This is also one of the spiritual factors that the organizers appreciate. The outcome of the final is beyond expectations, but Linh thinks he deserves what he has, "says Linh.

Miss My Linh:

My mrs linh:

One year after Miss Vietnam, the little girl with her face and mild smile won the title Miss Universe 2010 at Miss Universe with the project to run the village in the Cu Vai Village. Yen Bai). It is the continuous heavy rain in Yen Bai that causes floods, landslides and brokollaps. Cu Vai Village completely isolated My Linh and the team made the project lost contact with relatives, friends, audience in the lowlands. "Delicious accommodation, food depleted, cold mountain bath, Cu Vai people are shared with each meal, fried rice cooked with rainwater and eating salt with mangrove forest salt. Witnessing the hard life of people here, Linh reminded to try to perfect the project. on the happy face for the first time the children have electricity, Linh happy tears.

My mrs linh:

Not only the beauty is admired, won the most prestigious beauty contest in the country as My Linh also has a good academic record, studying at prestigious schools. Shared the secret to good academic achievement, My Linh said that only hard work, determination to do it to read and read, especially the book of life has proved successful from moving forward Moreover, the book teaches how to make people the audience to handle as "Dang human heart "also provides more opportunities to the reader. "That's why I like this book because of the nature of the work to meet many people, by reading, feeling sensitive, knowing how to love people, know how to persuade, love, and support me.

My mrs linh:

Pham Ngoc Linh – Ms. Vietnam Airline leader, talented competitor who entered the top 10 Miss Vietnam 2018 and winner of the Miss Universe Award has shared with students about the journey to Miss. Vietnam and the "open" way of being able to master two foreign languages ​​English-Japanese. The book that Ngoc Linh liked most was "studying encouragement" through lessons of determination, effort beyond himself.

Maya received a lot of sympathy from the students when she shared her film won the 25th Golden Horse Awards held in Taiwan, Maya was invited to receive the prize but she applied for permission to stay in the country to attend. "Travel from the Heart" because she is honored to share the teachings of the book is elected by Trung Nguyen Group chairman Legendary selection of Deng Le Nguyen.

Miss my Linh:

Through the story of beauty, Dr. Huu Duc – who led the outcome: "Each person has his own path, a passion, but the common point between them has a big dream, ambition and ambition, dare to overcome the challenge of creating success. For them, learning is learning an important part of the experience. The beauty of the experience can share more tips to help students keep the desire for dreams to come true.

Miss Mỹ Linh:

"The first industry", "Encourage", "Rich Thinking", "Mindfulness", "Never Fail, All Challenging" is among the over 100 books in the cabinet. The original foundation for the Trung Nguyen Legend of Dang Le Nguyen Vu is carefully selected from millions of books, from thousands of most famous human successors.

Miss My Linh:

After the exchange, My Linh, Ngoc Linh, Maya see all eyes on the ocean city together

"The Trip From The Heart – The Great Patriot's Great Trip – The Launch of Kien Quoc for 30 Million Vietnamese" was launched by Trung Nguyen Legend Group 2012 to create great ambitions. Vietnam Youth Generation; Build wisdom and wisdom for 30 million Vietnamese youth through donation of tens of millions of books to young Vietnamese life to gain the power of knowledge and thereby transform into physical and physical strength, create the power of the state.

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