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Juventus lost spectacularly

The competition was relatively tight against Ferencvaros, but with extraordinary moments, Juventus had a spectacular escape.

Just having to welcome the underrated team Ferencvaros, however, the home team Juventus proved to be quite a deadlock when it comes to the opponent’s goal.

Not only that, the coach’s Pirlo army received a bucket of cold water in the 19th minute of the match. Uzuni was the one who opened the scoring for Ferencvaros after a fumbling situation for the home defense.

But close to the goal, Juventus escaped a spectacular defeat right at home Photo 1
Juventus suddenly admitted first

Minutes later, the “Old Lady” continued to postpone the team to earn an equalizer. After many missed opportunities, Ronaldo finally spoke with a beautiful long shot in the 35th minute, which gave the home team the equalizer.

CR7’s goal was also the last goal in the first half. Juventus and Ferencvaros went into the break with a temporary result of 1-1.

During the second half, Juventus continued to dominate the game and control the ball. However, the strikes in “Lao She” again proved to be wicked with Ferencvaro’s nets.

Shortly afterwards, coach Pirlo entered the field at the same time three attacking stars, Morata, Chiesa and Kulusevski, hoping to find a goal to take the lead. But Juventus also waited 90 + 2 minutes to enjoy the feeling of celebrating the goal. Morata spoke in time with his head Ferencvaros after a seemingly harmless ball.

But close to the goal, Juventus escaped a spectacular defeat right at home Photo 1
Morata gave a stifling victory for Juventus

In the end, Juventus won a stifling victory with the score 2-1 at home and thus officially won tickets to the 1/8 round of the UEFA Champions League.

Final: Juventus 2-1 Ferencvaros

Point: Uzuni 19 ‘, Ronaldo 35’, Morata 90 ‘+ 2


Juventus: Szczesny; Cuadrado, Danilo, De Ligt, Alex Sandro; Arthur, Bentancur, McKennie, Bernardeschi; Dybala, Ronaldo

Ferencvaros: Dibusz; Lovrencsics, Blazic, Dvali, Firmpong; Heister; Zubkov, Siger, Somalia, Nguen; Uzuni

(Main development | Photo: Getty)

Fight over

90 ‘+ 2: IN

Morata was about to give Juventus the lead

Live Juventus 1-1 Ferencvaros: The home team presses the field Photo 1

90 ‘: The second half has a 4 minute stop time

84 ‘: Juventus still proved to be quite stuck

76 & # 39 ;: NOT ON
Morata hit the ball and hit the post with bare feet

69 & # 39 ;: NO

Ronaldo stumbled after dribbling over the goalkeeper

62 ‘: Dybala, Bernardeschi, McKennie left the field to make way for Morata, Chiesa and Kulusevski

56 ‘: Juventus continuously made waves on Ferencvaros’ goal

46 ‘: Juventus serves



FINAL (Juventus 1-1 Ferencvaros)

45 ‘: The first half had a 2 minute stoppage time

44 ‘: The match is going on at a moderate pace

35 & # 39 ;: ON

Ronaldo fired a powerful long shot that brought the Juventus equalizer

Live Juventus 1-1 Ferencvaros: Ronaldo spoke Photo 1

33 & # 39 ;: NO

Ronaldo has put the ball in the net Ferencvaros, but the Portuguese striker has fallen outside

28 ‘: Juventus actively pushed the squad to find an equalizer

19 & # 39;: ON

Uzuni opened the scoring for Ferencvaros

Direct Juventus 0-1 Ferencvaros: The visitors opened the scoring Photo 1

11 ‘: Juventus are still playing pretty deadlocked

1 ‘: Ferencvaros is the service team




Live Juventus 0-0 Ferencvaros: Song near Ronaldo, Dybala Photo 1
Live Juventus vs Ferencvaros: Song near Ronaldo, Dybala Photo 1
Live Juventus vs Ferencvaros: Song near Ronaldo, Dybala Photo 1

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