Saturday , June 25 2022

Foreign investors returned to network vendors in low liquidity session – VnEconomy


The trading session on 12/11 was closed with positive movements, the recovery of the blue chip helped the market reverse after falling for most of the time.

Consequently, the UN Index closed 3.83 points (0.42%) to 918.12 points; HNX Index increased 0.36 points (0.35%) to 103.37 points and UpCom Index increased 0.06 points (0.12%) to 51.66 points.

However, the liquidity factor was a major minus in today's trading session.

Specifically, the match volume of HSX achieved only 109.8 million units, corresponding to the matched value of VND2.124 billion. The situation at HNX was also worse when the matched volume reached only 28.8 million units, worth 409 billion VND.

In the afternoon, both the flooring scheme was 1090.8 billion. This is the smallest number ever seen in 2018.

In addition, while the market has recovered green, foreign investors released net sales after one week of net purchases. Foreigners were net sales of approximately VND177 billion a total today.

At HSX, foreigners were net sellers of 701,000 shares worth 225 billion dong. VIC was sold strongest with a volume of more than 2.3 million units, worth almost 227 billion. Followed by HPG with VND18.2bn and PVD with VND15.2bn.

In the opposite direction, SBT was bought the most with a total of SEK 13.2 billion. Ranked to second place, GMD is 12.7 billion.

At HNX, after 3 consecutive online sales sessions, foreign investors bought 1.9 million shares corresponding to 30.1 billion dong.

In particular, strongly buy PVS and CEO with a value of 20.4 billion and 7.3 billion kronor respectively. On the other hand, PVB was sold mostly, but achieved only 0.6 billion.

In UpCom, foreign investors had the third consecutive net purchase session with 803,000 shares worth VND17.3 billion. Of which, the BSR led the market with a net purchase of 4.7 billion dong. NTC, ACV, VEA and MCH were also purchased net worth over VND1.2 billion.

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