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Ensure justice and diligence in implementing special amnesty – Nhan Dan Newspaper


In the afternoon, the People's Rights Council heard the government's report on the law on enforcement of criminal prosecution (amendment) and the verification report on this bill. After that, QH listened to the report on explanations, acceptance and revision of settlement legislation and discussion at the conference hall about certain content and opinions in the draft cattle law.

Transparency in the work of special amnesty

Discuss the draft amending act (amended), many MPs expressed a high consensus with many content and explanatory reports, absorbed opinions from the Standing Committee of the National Assembly. For certain specific provisions of the bill, delegates have different views. Therefore, at the time of the Special Names, the bill from the government presented at this session had inherited the Special Amnesty Act and established three times with special amnesty, including: Large Country and in special cases to meet the state's domestic and foreign requirements. There are delegates who agree with this provision. However, some comments indicate specific time and frequency for special amnesty, possibly three years or five years. Specifically, the time of special amnesty is September 2, the national day, in conjunction with the new year of the moon or the liberation day in the south, the reunification of the country 30-4. Proposals from delegates to clarify the major event in the country, including possible events What are the basics for determining the country's important event for effective amnesty, effective and transparent?

Delegates Nguyen Thi Hong Ha (Pham Thi Thu Ha) and Pham Thi Thu Trang (Quang Ngai) are concerned about regulations, policies and state aid for the sentenced to prison through special amnesty. Facilitate their reintegration into society. According to delegates, the policy in the bill is generally not specific and difficult to become reality in life. In fact, it was difficult to reintegrate the prisoners prematurely, granted special amnesty, and to overcome this situation, to help the prisoner soon become a good person for the family and society's social needs. Therefore, it is proposed that the drafting board should study, supplement and specify the terms and principles to ensure that special amnesty allowance people can quickly reintegrate into society, stabilize their lives and strive to be useful. The state needs to mobilize many social resources to reintegrate into society for the special amnesty. To encourage companies, organizations and individuals to participate in different types of activities, models appropriate to the circumstances and circumstances of each topic and place.

In order for the particular amnesty to be conducted in a fair and fair manner, the national alternates should request that the drafting board continue to study and improve the provisions on special amnesty requirements. It is particularly clear that each proposed special amnesty must meet certain criteria. In addition, rules on organization or sanctions should be added so that the results of the proposed special amnesty can be verified. Some delegates suggested that one should take into account when drawing up special amnesty rights for both subjects. Persons who serve suspended sentences are, in principle, not subject to imprisonment and subjected to certain trial periods. If they really follow the government's policies and laws, they may consider shortening the trial period, not putting them in special amnesty. At the end of the morning session, the chairman of the commission The Court of Justice of the National Assembly Le Thi Nga commented on the committee's comments and suggestions, declaring that: After the meeting, the Legal Committee Consultation Committee, Relevant stakeholders received seriously, fully co-ordinated all comments from the National Assembly Delegation to improve the bill.

Ensure food safety and environment in livestock

At the end of the afternoon's work, as the prime minister approved, Minister of Public Security presented to Lam a report on the draft law on enforcement of criminal judgments (amended). The chairman of the National Assembly of the National Assembly, Le Thi Nga, presented the report to verify the draft law.

Then the chairman of the National Assembly's Science, Technology and Environment Committee presented the Phan Xuan Dung report, which explains, receives and adjusts the Cattle Law. Discussed state animal husbandry policies, Deputy Tran Thi Hoa Ry (Bac Lieu) and many delegates proposed to supplement policy for the development of safe livestock in the direction of clearly defining the activities of the House Investment, Support, Encouragement, Adopting Policy to Support Scientific and technical research to speed up its application in animal husbandry, to support the control and prevention of dangerous epidemics. At the same time, it is necessary to regulate more closely the handling of foods, to amend regulations on the handling of antibiotic-containing foods strictly to avoid residues in products that affect consumer health. This is an important factor in determining productivity, quality and food safety.

Some delegates pointed out that in order to check the safety indicators immediately in the production process of animal feed, the draft law stipulates that the authorities improve the post-inspection function, legalize the control of feed control has been implemented stable, effective in the past. However, it is necessary to reform the administrative procedures to limit duplication and overlap in the inspection and investigation, creating a more transparent and open environment for the production and trade in animal feed.

Commenting on the conditions for livestock production, suggested representative Tran Dinh Gia (Ha Tinh) and some delegates, legal basis for the development of livestock production, chain and lift. High value is being added to a spearhead economic branch, advanced, ensuring food safety and environmental protection. In particular, the specific conditions for placement, distance, requirements for production environmental protection, living environment for each type of farming and breeding should be specified, aimed at developing cattle. The farms are concentrated, large-scale, gradually reduce the farm, yet ensure income, improve people's living standards and habits.

Some participants also suggested adding specific rules for the treatment of animal waste in order not to pollute the environment. Furthermore, it is necessary to promote research on the use of these waste as inputs for organic fertilizer production, to harvest crops to reduce waste and reduce costs for businesses and society. However, for small and medium-sized farmers who do not have sufficient financial resources, an appropriate roadmap and plan are required.

At the end of the working day, the Minister for Agriculture and Rural Development reported Nguyen Xuan Cuong, who clarified some questions to the National Assembly on the draft law on livestock.

The amending act (amendment) prescribes special amnesty in special cases. Consequently, many subjects, including those exposed to imprisonment and trial, were noted. In my opinion, such rules are quite wide. To consider the special amnesty, the first condition is to consider the sentence to be executed. The second is the sense of reform and the third is the degree of progress in the object. Both of these subjects have been deprived of jail and live outside society and have no condition to evaluate the three key issues mentioned above. Therefore, I propose that these two subjects are not included in the special case.

Representative Tran Van Quy (Hung Yen)

I believe that the ban on the import of livestock, such as the draft law on livestock, is not complete. For example, Vietnam recently imported yellow snails, which destroyed cattle and rice fields in many places. Therefore, it is recommended to add prohibited behavior including prohibiting the import of livestock that harms the living environment and the production environment.

Representative Nguyen Thi Kim Be (Kien Giang)

I propose that the Permanent Committee of the National Assembly consider and add the bill to not propose special amnesty, that is, the criminals aspirated, the danger or more, not self-confidence but arrested. The proposed special amnesty is not intended to divide the perpetrator with other criminals, which ensures the equivalence of persons convicted of imprisonment, has a sense of self-awareness with the duty to service the verdict. On the other hand, the perception of those who are still demanding is changing, motivated to give up the animal to enjoy state-owned policy, thus contributing to the prevention and prevention of crime, maintaining social order and security.

Representative Ma Thi Thuy (Tuyen Quang)

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