Saturday , September 25 2021

Congress approves the comprehensive partnership agreement

The overall partnership and transpacific progressive agreement is a new, comprehensive, comprehensive Free Trade Agreement with the deepest commitment ever. Speaking as Secretary General of Vietnam Nguyen Phu Trong, when reporting to the National Assembly on the ratification of CPTPP, participation and early ratification of CPTPP will help us show us our strong commitment to innovation and integration. internationally comprehensive, comprehensive; confirms Vietnam's important geo-political role and position in Southeast Asia, as well as Asia-Pacific.

The Secretary of State also pointed out that the situation was particularly complicated and unpredictable, especially in the context of changes in political and security situation in the world and in the region. South has the potential to improve internal resources to cope and strengthen the position of exerting foreign policy for independence, autonomy, multilateralism and diversification, together with consolidating and strengthening national defense and security. security.

In the midst of globalization and the epoxy of the vibrant integration, CPTPP is seen as a "century agreement" that Vietnam participates in building the initiative, which marks its key role in key pioneers. Japan, Australia, Canada, Mexico, Peru … since the APEC 2017 summit hosted us in the coastal town of Da Nang.

Adhering to the "Age Agreement" game area can help Vietnam's GDP and exports rise by 1.32% and 4.04% in 2035, The average annual increase is about 20,000 – 26,000 jobs; It is expected that it will reduce 0.6 million poor people (at the 5.5 USD poverty limit) … The government has had convincing judgments of the deputies and voters of the National Assembly.

The process of opening up economic integration is always accompanied by a greater degree of regulation, labor, transparency and anti-corruption. The process requires Vietnam to take initiatives, To renovate and supplement the legal provisions, to establish management mechanisms to comply with the international treaties, but to ensure the stability of socio-political stability.

Opportunities are always accompanied by challenges. It is evident in today's world. In addition to benefits and opportunities, participation in the CPTPP as a "Century Agreement" also means socioeconomic challenges, revenue collection, laws, institutions … For example, it is not easy to solve problems in connection with the opening of the market in Canada, Mexico and Peru. By trade, pork and chicken are goods that can face competition from imports due to weak competitiveness. Then some products can be difficult like paper, steel, cars …

Before the parliamentary assembly voted through the CPTPP, there is still concern about the level of economic development in our country, with the member states of the agreement quite large. Australia's GDP per capita is, for example, $ 56,135; Singapore $ 53,880; Canada $ 44,773; New Zealand $ 41,629; Japan $ 38,550; Brunei 27,893 USD; Chile $ 14,314; Malaysia USD 9,659; Mexico $ 9.249; Peru 6 598 USD, while Vietnam 2,306 USD.

But that does not mean closing the trading market does not mean seclusion. The problem is that we have to see opportunities and opportunities, to see the challenges of overcoming, to investigate the risks of trade, services, investment, agriculture, intellectual property, work, information security … may encounter.

Understand and deepen the multidimensional impact so that we can handle the risks, challenges, take the initiative to react, minimize the negative effects on real implementation. current "Century Agreement" CPTPP. Fortunately, Vietnam has demonstrated its solidarity, solidarity and unity when it comes to joining the next-generation free trade agreement with the deepest commitment to CPTPP.

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