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Child rape, "love green beard" was sentenced to 9 years in prison

On November 7, Hanoi People's Court Vu Van Thuu (SN 1975, Long Bien, Hanoi) sent a trial and decided to convene the 9-year jail sentence for "rape" "child" under Article 112-BLHS in 1999 .

Injured in the case, nephew N. T. K. O. (SN 2009), in Hoai Duc, Hanoi.

According to the case, about 13h on 30/12/2017, Vu Van Thuuy bought to buy tobacco pipes. When you go to the highway Hoa Tham (La Phu, Hoai Duc, Ha Noi), O. bicycle meets the road. Remember to acknowledge that the child is familiar should say, "I go to the playhouse, I do not ask."

Consequently, grandchildren O. agreed, rode to the house and "bearded beard"Tell me, O:" I pressed my hand, it hurts. "The child sat on the porch and pressed the accused's hand.

Child rape,


But just a moment later, Cuc returned: "I also have stomach and" and go to bed and tell her to sit on the bed hug in her hands, massage the stomach for the baby. At this time he has a bad intention. When the offensive behavior began, the girl did not answer the way he did.

After the deceptive act with his grandson O., he told the child to go and counsel: "Do not tell anyone" when O. Grandfather wears his pants, take the bike to go home grandmother.

At the moment, the girl came from the house with a panic face, unusual hair loss, a couple suspected in the neighbor's house. The man went out to the gate and made sure he hugged hugging pants, so told his wife that he would tell his mother.

O. has asked about her mother to be exposed to sexual abuse. O. The family of the house to tell the story, he just said, "I'm sorry."

Because of urgency before the unacceptable behavior of Mr. Tai picked his grandson O. The broken brick on the forehead. To be successful, he continued to say, "You are wrong, you are responsible, I am sorry."

When he saw his mother, O said. "This can not be ignored, take it to the police." He fled but was chased by all, held and taken to the police station.

The family of the victim and the family of the defendant agreed and paid the civil fines of 10 million VND and requested that law enforcement agencies should consider mitigating punishment for the deceased.

After the discussion, based on the entire case file, related details as well as evolution during the trial, the panel TAND TP. Hanoi The claim of defendants behavior is particularly serious because it damages honor, dignity and the child's normal development. Therefore, it is necessary to apply strict punishment in order to educate. , reform of accused and deterrent, prevention of common crimes.

Therefore, the panel decided to judge the defendant, Vu Van Thuu, sentenced to nine years in prison Child rape.

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