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Are you losing money?


The 7-11 information on more than 31,000 bank card transactions (NH) and more than 5 million emails is attributed to Mobile Worlds (ERD) customers, where erchowin accounts were shared on the Internet. Yesterday (8-11), hackers continued to print the information on the full 16-digit credit card number for the accounts specified by the customer TGDD.

In particular, the list launched the new network has both international payment cards (Visa, MasterCard …) and records listed NH card numbers.

& # 39; 31 .000 bank cards have been revealed & # 39 ;: Are you losing money? - Photo 1.

Customers are worried that bad guys are leaking information to steal money, while The Mobile World says they do not disclose information. Photo: HTD

Customers worry about the bank insured

In particular, many users confirm that they have never traded on TGF, but emails are still on the list of leaks. Therefore, hackers may have collected emails from different sources, as there are many emails with company domain names like Asus, Acer, Bkav …

Talk to the press, some NH leaders said that including hackers have 16 numbers on the card can not get money from depositors. Only when publishing all information about card number, expiration date, three secret numbers behind the card (CVV code) … bad object can make transactions on the network.

The Deputy General Director of an NH explained: The CVV code is data that only NH can know, but one side is the buyer acceptance point that TG can not get. So, if these tasks were hacked from here as they claimed, it would not be possible to get the CVV number.

On the other hand, the information boxes in the hand are not enough to get money from the user's account. But the NH boss said it would wait for the authority's assessment to decide if all credit cards should be replaced for their guests or not.

The bank has many stocks of security

According to NH Nguyen Tri Hieu, when it comes to indirect, it is possible. Because hackers can use NH accounts to shop online from exploitable information. But with the information that hackers make to the public as if the card number does not mean that the hacker can get money from the customer account. The reason is that credit or debit cards have multiple layers of security.

For example, hackers claim to receive international card numbers like Visa but without three-digit passwords and solutions that 3D Secure as Visa cards requires to improve security for secure payments, how to get money

"Even the ATM cards that Vietnamese customers use to make purchases online or via POS systems, domestic banks also apply multiple layers of security, such as login name, PIN, OTP, and authentication solutions in accordance with requirements. So I think customers who leave Information at TG will not lose money, says Hieu.

Another NH expert said that TG needs to deal with this issue in a scientific and open manner. It should not be interpreted as "driving the bank's responsibility" so that it will not be convinced enough to eliminate any problems for consumers and can lead to uncontrollable risks.

Protecting pocket money is above all

Until today there is no information about the risks for cardholders due to information exchange. But representatives of some banks have said that they have examined all the tasks and analyzed the factors involved to determine if there is a risk or not. At risk, the customer will be warned immediately.

Le Minh Huan, Deputy General Director of Saigon Commercial Joint Stock Bank (SCB), said: "Although GSM has confirmed that the information system is safe but safe for its wallet and in order to avoid any risks that may arise, the best customers will ever handle shortly TG go to NH to instantly change cards.

"On the part of SCB, in addition to waiting for re-verification from the authorities to determine if the leaked data is derived from TG, we continuously monitor the transaction abnormal to the system due to information technology and human observation. If we see any unusual transactions, then we immediately call the customer to verify the transaction, "- said Deputy Director General of SCB.

Some NH experts also recommend: To be sure, it is best to change your personal email password; Change your NH bank card for password or temporarily freeze your credit card transaction for verification.

TGDD denied the information leaky

Reply to the law in HCM City, TGV representatives confirmed that current information technology systems in this device are safe, normal and unaffected. All information spreads is false.

Speaking of the credit card information, TGD's representative confirmed: "When customers buy and store cards in the store, the POS Reader card is NHs. Data on their systems does not affect TG's process, nor is it allowed to store any customer information. Payment, the information will jump to the payment port to a third party. Thirdly, our website can not save guest information. "

Extreme risk to cardholder

Bank card specialists Nguyen Huu Phuc commented that at many sales outlets, the treasurers actively put all of their cardholders' names and personal information in connection with their card number. Data entry in the computer system to facilitate internal control.

"This is extremely risky for cardholders, as no one can guarantee the information is absolute or can commit their employees to not extract that information, or safely. Their database system is never hacked, which means that the risk of data types may occur," warned Phuc.

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