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After CR7, Salah is established poor poor image pain


With the remarkable achievements in the national shirt with Liverpool, midfielder Mohamed Salah was recorded – only his product is disastrous.

Salah is set up statue

Egypt has undergone an impressive season that violates a series of Premier League goals. With that, he helped to help Liverpool reach the Champions League final. But above all, Salah is considered a national hero to help Egypt win tickets to the World Cup in 2018.

So many gifts to the player at home, including a villa. And recently, the sculptor Mai Abdel Allah has set up a statue for renting Salah. The idea of ​​this work, which is representative of the great commitment and determination of the toilet in 1992.

The statue took a month to complete, with Salah spreading his arms to celebrate with fans. But when you witnessed, many fans asked why it was so badly injured.

After CR7, Salah was poorly imaged

Statue of Salah is compared to the character of Home Alone

A fan wondering, this is Salah's hair then – but the face is like … former coach M.U David Moyes. Others figure this statue inspired by the character Marv – the thief in the film at home alone. Another comment also received much attention, which is Salah's statue in an 8-year-old child.

Earlier, another football star, Cris Ronaldo, was a victim of this. Specifically, the Portuguese facial sculpture of the player is located at the Madeira airport, known as the world because … terribly awful. It was Mohamed Salas turn to taste the fruit "Who is this" when you look at his statue.

Salah is a boy named CR7

Salah is depicted as bad CR7


Meanwhile, an account on social networking Twitter has taken pictures Ronaldo's consolation Salah after the Champions League final, with the line posted: "Now, do you understand his misery?"

Ronaldo and Salah, but the commoners

Ronaldo and Salah, same situation

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