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What do I do if the condom breaks during the relationship? : Doctor

When condom crime During relationships, it may be due to various errors, such as a bad location or an incorrect way to remove it from the package.

All couples can pass, so note to know what to do if ever the condom breaks under sex.

What should you do if the condom breaks?

the condom is contraception more used and effective in preventing pregnancy and STD, it may also fail in some cases. How do you solve it? Note

1. The first thing you should do when you notice that the condom was broken is to stop sexual act and above all, keep calm.

2. Urinate immediately and rinse your vagina with some warm water to eliminate any possible semen residue.

Just do it very carefully and only with water, as rubbing or carving in the area is at risk of damaging the mucous membranes, which promotes the spread of infections.

3. Most are recommended for avoid pregnancy In these cases, taking emergency pills.

It is important to emphasize that this is just an emergency method that you should use in extreme cases, it is not a common method of prevention.

You can not take it more than twice a year as it may have an impact on your health.

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4. If the event occurred in a temporary meeting with a person you do not know at all, it is best to schedule a review with the gynecologist to rule out the risk of ETS-infection.

How to prevent the condom from breaking?

To avoid a bad time because condom break in sexIt's important that you use it perfectly well and that you use a new one in every sexual encounter.

It is very important that you check the expiration date before using it because a Discontinued condom It breaks easier.

You should also push the tip to remove the remaining air as you lay it, otherwise it will be easier to break it.

When you use lubricant, make sure they are water-based, as the oil damages the latex from which the condom is made.

So you are well prepared in your next sexual relationship, you know 10 most common mistakes that make the condom fail.

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