Tuesday , June 28 2022

The super band in Venezuela, Guaco, may not be displayed in "Suena Caracas"


Following a wave of criticism, "La Súper banda de Venezuela", Guaco will not say a present at the event organized by the Venezuelan government, with precision, the mayor's office in Libertador Municipality, Suena Caracas.

One of the group's singer, Luis Fernando Borjas and the official photographer of the band Javier Manzur, tells about their Instagram profiles that they would not attend the event.

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In a flyer of the show where the songs appear to appear, these two members of Guaco wrote, "Guaqueros, Guaco will not participate."

It is important to mention that Guaco was named in the list of participating groups on November 29th in Plaza Diego Ibarra, located in the center of Caracas, news that led to a rash of criticism of maracco in social networks, where they labeled the group "Chavistas" and Co-worker of Nicolás Maduro, President of Venezuela.

Following messages from members, the festival's Instagra profile has removed the image where the confirmation occurred at the Super Band, apparently replaced by a singer named Marianela "La rubia de la salsa".

Guaco in the last few days has been on everyone's lips after Angie Pérez revealed how much the band charges for concerts abroad, which makes the tickets to the events more expensive than the Colombian singer J Balvin.


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