Wednesday , October 5 2022

The “medicine” for a 107-year-old neighbor from Xàbia: take care of the garden every day


The “medicine” for a 107-year-old neighbor from Xàbia: take care of the garden every day

The garden is amazing. Rosa María Schaller, who turned 107 yesterday, takes care of him every day. Longevity is a mystery. But this woman who was born in Augsburg in 1913 and who arrived in Xàbia when she was already 83 years old feels great to stay active, to go out every day to the garden of her house. And he has seen it reborn. The fire that destroyed La Granadella in September 2016 burned it down. Schaller, like hundreds of Xàbia residents, had to leave his home in a hurry that day with his family. The fire entered the plot. The house was miraculously saved.

It is not the only disaster that this little woman has experienced, which has jealous health (she does not suffer from any disease and eats everything). It has witnessed two world wars and two pandemics, the so-called Spanish flu of 1918 and the current coronavirus.

His father advanced and did not meet him until the first conflict that tore Europe apart ended. During World War II, it was her husband who was called up.

As a child, Rosa María Schaller was weak and ill. The doctor even told his mother that the little girl would not live long. Yesterday he was no less than 107 years old. She remembers that Spain at that time seemed like a very remote country. He did not imagine that he would come to Xàbia in 1996 to stay. Her granddaughter confirms that when Rosa María was 83 years old, she was more sensitive than now. The Mediterranean climate has made him fabulous. She lives a normal life and every day she performs the calm exercise ritual to take care of the plants and walk through her beautiful garden.

This woman with a happy appearance and who does not lose her smile is the oldest neighbor in Xàbia. Mayor José Chulvi came yesterday to congratulate her. He gave her a poinsettia flower. Another flower for the garden that is longevity medicine.

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