Tuesday , July 27 2021

The first ad made with artificial intelligence

EFE / London

Lexus, the Japanese luxury car brand, presented yesterday the first ad written entirely by an artificial intelligence tool, during a debate with representatives of the company and the creators who produced the video in Social Media Week in London.

For us, artificial intelligence is innovation, we do not set it as the man against the machine, but as the man beside the machine, explained Michael Tripp, communications manager for Lexus in Europe.

According to the CEO, it is a technique that increases the efficiency of the work, makes decisions with much more information and creates a personal experience for the consumer.

The message is a collaboration between Lexus and the creativity and marketing companies The & Partnership London and Visual Voice, composed of IBM's artistic intelligence program Watson and directed by Scotsman Kevin Macdonald, winner of a scar for his documentary Un da ​​September.

Designed as part of the DrivenbyIntuition campaign, the announcement follows the launch of Lexus ES's executive management. The ad shows a takumi, or a Japanese craftsman, who says goodbye between tears in the car that stopped building, just to see immediately how the vehicle is in danger of freedom.

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