Saturday , July 2 2022

The file now moves to the central part of Caracas


The 14th edition of the International Book Fair in Venezuela (Filen 2018) will be installed on November 8th and remain the 18th of the same month.

The event will include various activities at various locations in central Caracas, such as book presentations, workshops and presentations of music, dance and theater. On this occasion, Filven will be dedicated to immigrants.

The Dog and Frog Editors Foundation will develop the 1st National Issue with Publishers, with which they intend to generate editorial production in the country, as well as create spaces between different sectors related to literature across the country.

Challenges and perspectives of the edition in Venezuela: Roads for the construction of a sustainable publishing industry, will be held in the public library of Simón Rodríguez, from 15-15 November. At the same library is a meeting organized by authors and readers where people from Venezuelan origin and guests from Argentina and Colombia will attend.

The file 2018 will make available to various interest groups different workshops such as: Handicraft production, Editing workshop, Word of Eros. Poetry of Love, Policies, Introduction to the Story, Legal Framework for the Venezuelan Cultural Heritage, Poetry and Bolero.

These workshops will be available in the chamber in the first letters Simón Rodríguez, Librería Colombeia, Casa Nacional de las Letras Andrés Bello and the Simón Rodríguez Library. In addition, calls, conferences, meetings and forums will be held.

From 6:00 AM, they will be interested in getting close to some points where the National Dance Company (CND) and the National Theater Company (CNT) present shows and concerts.
CNT presents the game The pause on Monday, November 12th. While CND will show Wonder, Tuesday 13 and Sun of Water on sunday 18th.

Among the artists who will offer concerts during these ten days are Daisy Gutiérrez and Banda Marcial Caracas, the brothers Florentino and Juan Simón Primera and their cousin Alejandro Alejandro Primera, Andrés Castillo, Orquesta Típica Nacional and some llanera music singers.

Poetry will also be a protagonist in Filven with reasons near the Chocolate Café with love.

This year, Ana Enriqueta will be honored for the hundreds of her birth. In addition to this, some young poets will discuss the new Venezuelan and Latin American poetry together with one-day poetry at the first letter "Simón Rodríguez".

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