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Horribe! Five years received chemotherapy … and never had cancer (+ tweet)


The human being treated with chemotherapy for five years never had cancer / Photo: Mail

The human being treated with chemotherapy for five years never had cancer / Photo: Mail

This unusual event occurred in Montrose, Colorado, USA. James Salaz says he received chemotherapy and analgesic treatment for five years to treat a type of cancer. After a while he discovered that he did not suffer from it disease and that he was well in every aspect.

In 2012, Salaz suffered from severe pain under the armpit that forced him to visit a hospital, where he discovered an anomaly in the left lung, he said in an interview to NBC.

After a biopsy, his doctor, Choon-Kee Lee, assured that it was a histiocytosis of Langerhans cells (HCL), a disease that causes the abnormal proliferation of these cells, derived from the bone marrow, in different tissues in the body. body. "They said I was the only one in Colorado that had (that disease) ", commented MAN.

Because of chemotherapy, man is now suffering from pancreatitis and has to become hospital several times.

After several years, in 2017, the doctor who treated James fired, so he had to go to another specialist and the new assured him that he never had cancer. "I have a condition called vasculitis (inflammation of the blood vessels) and she (the doctor) told me," If we had treated him five years ago, that would be good "commented Salaz.

The deviation was in reality only inflamed veins, but because of the lack of treatment Sufficiently, the disease had developed into a form called granulomatosis with polyangiitis.

Due chemotherapies, now you suffer pancreatitis and he has had to be hospital several times.

(With information from mail , truth and wRADIO)

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