Sunday , October 2 2022

Filtered photo of Meghan Markle and her ex in the sauna


Meghan Markle has been in the press sights from the moment I announced his commitment to Prince Harry of England a year ago. Problems with his father and his sister have caused controversy not to escape the spoiled in the royal family, now it's a burning photograph that wants to hurt Meghan's image, review Metro PR.

The TMZ entertainment portal published a photo where you can see the former Hollywood actress sitting on the knees of his former partner, chef Cory Vitiello, who is only covered in white towel in what appears to be a sauna or spa.

A source near the Duke of Sussex said "We knew Meghan had had relationships before Harry, but what we did not know until was how loving she was with her old boyfriends. "

Her former Cory, who still did not know if it was the leaked photo, had said about her in an interview "She is a good woman. There is no courage I respect the private and personal life of the people."

Currently, Meghan is dying in Kensington Palace and decided not to accompany Harry on his trip to Africa on behalf of his doctor, as the continent overflows Zika virus, which would hurt his pregnancy.

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