Saturday , September 25 2021

Carlos Rodríguez and Dariana Alvarado were the winners of the 3rd Validated Open Water Gatorade Circuit

More than 500 swimmers traveled 3 kilometers in Naiguatá, Vargas state.

The third and final valid Open Water Gated Circuit – AquaSphere JFSports Cup was held at the Puerto Azul Club with the participation of more than 500 athletes.

A 3 kilometer long 1-course course was taken by the swimmers at the club's beach in Naiguatá in the Vargas state. The end of the circuit was the presence of Gatorada athletes Carlos Rodríguez, Sofía Pascuzzo and Armando Simancas, who achieved outstanding participation in the competition.

The absolute winners of this 3rd Valida Gatorade Aguas Abierta's – Copa AquaSphere JFSports were in the women's category Dariana Alvarado with a time of 42 minutes 57 seconds and in him Carlos Rodríguez with 38 minutes and 10 seconds.

Both said they were pleased with their participation in the event, which they consider to be the starting point for continuing to challenge improving their times.

Marlon Monsalve, Head of Special Events and Sports Marketing of Pepsi-Cola Venezuela, said that this competition is a selection of support for disciplines like swimming in open waters.

"For Empresas Polar, Pepsi-Cola Venezuela and Gatorade, this event is a great effort and is committed to cooperating with this sport. We thank Club Puerto Azul for lending their facilities to Pepsi, Minalba and Maltín Light sponsors for their important support for the development of the event, Monsalve says.

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