Wednesday , October 27 2021

Braves has applied to Sharks | baseball


Pablo A. Rondón M. / @PablinhooAlee

Visit to the capital in Margarita Braves (14-10) represents increasingly more headache to local teams, especially for Sharks of La Guaira (9-13) who returned succumb this friday, this time with a tight score 4.3.

With this a stretch of four wins in a row that the Litorals had and allowed the isolates to come close to half a game at Leones del Caracas tip.

The duel was defined by a ball to Dominican Olmo Rosario with full bases in the seventh inning. Before that, shawl manager Oswaldo Guillen had ordered a deliberate ticket to Cole Sturgeon to fill the pads. Another crucial event occurred early when the shortstop of neoespartanos Imeldo Díaz deposited a ball on the stands before relegation Francisco Buttó, dragging three lines in the fourth team.

Lauro fell in the hands of the fire extinguisher Anthony Ortega (1-1) while the defeat was by North American Scott Shuman (0-1). Meanwhile, Arik Sikula had no hits on the salt offensive until the fourth round and gave five good starts, with four strikeouts.

Braves will go to Valencia this Saturday to meet a series of three matches in two days against Navegantes del Magallanes. La Guaira, under similar conditions, will receive Águilas.

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