Thursday , July 29 2021 Pool will redirect the hashrate of all its users to my Bitcoin Cash ABC | CriptoNoticias

"Your hashrate is used temporarily to create blocks of BCH in one day," announces the company. The decision has not been consulted with the miners – who have the right to decide which blockchain they want to mine and which they do not – but all users should see in the obligation to mine on another network temporarily without their consent.

James Loop finds it alarming that mining companies are able to redirect their miners without the users knowing, as it shows that The mining industry is not decentralized enough.

In this regard, the engineer recalled the need to implement units and protocols that encourage decentralization in Bitcoin mining, and recalled the use of BetterHash – a mining worker having two protocols to decentralize mining.

A war of hashrate

This unilateral and unilateral action is due to a major dispute over hashrates that has been formed on the threshold of BCH hardcore. Users call it "hashwar" or hash warfare- and there is a connection between the pools to master the machining effect by Bitcoin Cash; Everything that aims to make one of the two opposing proposals prevails as a dominant chain. The two proposals are Bitcoin Cash ABC and Bitcoin Cash SV.

The Bitcoin ABC route proposal aims to incorporate new features and scripts into the Bitcoin Cash network, among which nuclear disputes are considered. The new version had opponents immediately led by Craig Wright, who along with Calvin Ayre from the CoinGeek Pool made a much more conservative proposal called Bitcoin SV.

Bitcoin ABC has been a favorite among service providers, exchange houses and Bitcoin Cash users. But Bitcoin SV has collected a powerful pool of pools, which today has more than 70% of Bitcoin Cash processing power.

Last blocks of BCH decreased this Thursday 15-11-2018, through mini golf. Image:

Represented by CoinGeek, SVpool, Okminer and the BMGpool Pools, the BitcoinSV proposal threatens to become the dominant chain, although the community acknowledges Bitcoin ABC as such. In that sentence, The action seems to be a desperate attempt to Bitcoin ABC's proposal to take control of hashrate.

In the middle of this war, the co-founder of BitcoinTalk said – known on Twitter as @ CobraBitcoin – that he feared that others pools can take the same action to increase its power hashrate at the time of bifurcation; a decision that would not only be unethical for society, but could lead to inconveniences for Bitcoin blockchain.

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