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At least 14 teams have talked with Scott Boras about Marwin González


November 8, 2018 11:51
Updated November 8, 2018 12:01

Scott Boras, representative of Marwin Gonzalez in Major Leagues, insured Wednesday, in an interview through MLB Radiothat there was no law that did not mention the name of his student, for which at least 14 teams have already asked.

"I've met 14 clubs," said Boras, who is present at the meetings of the managers. "And everyone has said Marwin on the table."

The super agent assured that he will complete his meetings with representatives of the MLB's 30 organizations and hope that the same approach will in any case emerge, now that super help tests his luck in the majors free agents market.

"I've talked to any kind of squads," Boras added. "Some have a payroll to fight the crown next year, others are in restructuring. And they tell me all: who would not talk to you about Marwin? That's why I call the Swiss G, compared to Swiss knives."

Guyana has shown the ability to beat and a glove that can work both in the box and abroad.

"We recently had dinner together and I asked him about it," said Boras, who is looking for a multi-year and multi-million dollar contract for his client. "How do you have the ability to go from the center to the infield, how are you doing with that nature?"

González, said his agent, gave him an answer that offers an "artistic" vision of the game.

"I've always grown like a short break, and they all saw me as a short stop," he said to me, "recalled Boras." But I love watching the game from many angles and perspectives. I could not wait until the moment they would put me in the middle or first. I also love the vision of the game that may be from the captive. "

"Therefore, I have the nickname Swiss G, because it's like a Swiss army knife", summed up the resident representative of Ciudad Bolívar.

Gonzalez played seven straight seasons with Houston Astros, since 2012, and with them he jumped into the field in eight different positions, in addition to being appointed and new hitter. He only needs to act as a prisoner to complete the entire diamond.

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