Saturday , September 25 2021

Armed group rejects 18 cattle on Monagas farm

A armed group he attacked The night on Saturday November 10th Estate La Milagrosa, at south of Monagas State. In place, they held workers for more than 10 hours and they chopped totally 18 milking cattle.

This was reported on Monday, November 12 by the representative of Association of Integrated Manufacturers of the Monagas State (Asoprimo), Camalis Mundaraín, who rejected this vandal effect affecting meat supply in the company.

According to the workers account, the men arrived at 2:00 in the afternoon and muted them. They tied them up and locked them up and then devoted themselves to slaughtering the cattle. A task that took more than seven hours and they did in one of the corrales.

There were a total of 18 milky and pregnant cows who threw the attackers. Mundaraín calculated that they ended up 4 thousand 500 kilos of meat, which at last they could not take because the truck that was waiting to transport the product did not arrive on time.

"It's an exaggeration, a cruelty. It's underground, it's the first time I've seen it as a person in the agricultural sector. Create an precedent very strong We had heard it in border areas but never in Monagas, "said the representative of ranchers in the unit.

For the cattle victim, it police by the state of Monagas reported that two people were arrested initially. Even though the producers expect more anxiety, not only two substances could have broken the number of animals.

"We are waiting for the members of the rest of the band to be captured, because two are not the number expected to kill these cattle," said Asoprimo spokesman.

According to a police department of the security agency, the arrest occurred in El Merey sector of Amana, South of Maturin, where they caught Carlos Eduardo Flores, 24 years old and José Jesús Rabelo Flores, 26 years old.

Both were in order of prosecution Thirteenth of Public Ministry, accused of the crime of cattle movement.

Dialogue for delivering meat

Mundaraín also informed that the Monaco producers have agreed with the regional authorities to sell the meat at a regulated price to ensure that the product reaches the home of Monaco.

They are waiting for a new meeting, as they basically provided facilities for acquiring inputs to farm machinery at the farms, but they hope to reach new agreements.

In Monagas, Asoprimo estimates that 15,000 tonnes of meat per year are consumed a little over a thousand tonnes per month.

Unlike regions like Apure, Barinas and Guárico, where rulers from the ruling coalition force producers to sell some of their livestock to the current leaders, they have been able to avoid this so far in the eastern region.

This Sunday, November 11, Vice President of National Federation of Cattle Ranchers of Venezuela (Fedenaga), Luis Prado, expressed his rejection of the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, to produce production and distribution of meat in the country.

"This will not have a good travel destination, as it has happened before. What the government is doing is taking over our properties," said Prado about the presidential election.

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