Friday , August 12 2022

YouTube comes on Nintendo Switch today


YouTube starts on Nintendo Switch today. It will be just the second major video program to be released on the console since Switch hit the shelves in March 2017. (Hulu led the way in November in November.) YouTube can be downloaded for free from Nintendo eShop.

The app is exactly what you can expect, giving access to the platform's endless selection of videos. And YouTube also points out that the Switch version fully supports 360 video clips. You can control YouTube with the left left joystick and main buttons. And the touch screen partially works in handheld mode, which allows you to search for videos and tap them much easier. I say partly because you can not swipe up and down to navigate around the app, which is quite unfortunate. Hulu still lacks touch screen support altogether.

Incredibly, the correct JoyCon joystick can not be used to navigate around the app. It only works for planning around 360 degree videos. YouTube reports that it continues to evaluate the best ways to use Nintendo's hardware.


Switch owners can sign in to YouTube with their Google Account to get their subscriptions, recommendations, and personal video libraries. Theoretically, you shall You can also stream your library everywhere these titles usually appear during purchase on YouTube – not that the switch's display is ideal for extended movie viewing in portable mode. But it's a good bonus to have when the console is docked.

With Hulu and now YouTube narrated is the obvious question … where is Netflix? Amazon Prime Video? In general, the list of non-game content on the Switch is incredibly thin. You have the two free video apps, Korgs $ 48 "Music Production" app (more fun than the creativity tool), and it's about it. Hopefully, the arrival of another big player will increase the likelihood of other companies getting their popular services to Switch.

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