Wednesday , September 28 2022

The FBI offers up to $ 10,000 for assistance in an N.H. farm extortion fall


"I know your (sic) in", reads what seems to be a poem written to the owners of Rickety Ranch in Hollis, New Hampshire.

FBI Boston Division

Over the past two years, farmers' owners have dealt with letters like this this passage was taken from trying to squeeze around $ 250,000 from them, according to the FBI. Together with that, the farm has taken care of threats, property destruction and animal disease.

"Just pay me (sic) and you'll win," the letter continues. "It will be easy and fast, I left instructions under glass, on your grass."

Now the FBI says it will award up to $ 10,000 to anyone who provides information about who is responsible.

"We have investigated this for about one and a half years," said Brian Hara, a specialist agent with the FBI Boston Division. "During that timeframe, so many things happened."

The owners have been given the letters since 2017. In return, the letter writer said they would "save the family from harm" and help them solve ongoing issues with the Hollis city government, the FBI said.

The owners have also treated their barn burning in January 2018 – The FBI is still investigating whether this is related to the letters, according to O & # 39; Hara – as well as damage to their animals.

FBI Boston Division

"There have been many, many actions," said Hara about the cruelty of the animal. "Some injured animals, and some actually killed them."

Now the owners live with fear, including if something could happen to one of the children or youth working on the farm, "said Hara.

Rickety Ranch serves as an educational opportunity to get children and teens involved and interested in farming, according to the farm's website. Many young people come from difficult personal lives or have disabilities. the animals save.

"It's actually a charity," said O & Hara. "Now they are also worried that someone they hire may get hurt."

Posting of one of the extortion letters was key, according to O & # 39; Hara. The FBI hopes someone can recognize the writing – it's done in a riddle or rhyming fashion.

"This evil destruction of this family and the use of violence to scare them will not be tolerated," said Harold H. Shaw, a specialist agent in charge of the FBI Boston Division. "We ask someone with information about who is terrorizing them to come forward and share that information with us so that we can stop it and bring the person responsible for justice"


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