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Sam Ballard: 5 Quick facts you need to know


Sam Ballard, Sam Ballard RIP


In 2010, 19-year-old Sam Bullard had a slug on a wave. He drank with a handful of friends when the snail crept over his patio. In a video interview last year, friend Jimmy Galvin said, "We sat here and had some red wine taxation night, trying to act as an adult … And then the conversation came up," Should I eat it? "And then Sam went and went, that's how it happened."

On Friday, Ballard killed at the age of 28 after lurking the spinal cord disease from the slug.

Here's what you need to know.

1. He contracted rat Lungworm after eating a slug on his friend Jimmy's House

Sam Ballard Dare, Sam Ballard Slug, Rat Lungworm Disease

A student from Besancon UFR Sciences and Techniques University holds a snail in a petri dish during an experiment on October 24, 2018 in Besançon, eastern France. – Raised behind the impressive yellow doors of the CNRS Chrono-Environnement Laboratory at Besançon University, the gastropods, when deployed in the field, will feed the ground and plants, inhale the air and allow researchers to analyze contamination of sites through various contaminants.

In 2010, not long after graduation, Sam spent time on his friend Jimmy's house. He hung in the backyard with a group of friends when they discovered a snail. The friends dared each other to eat the snail, and Sam was the one who did.

Not long after eating the snail, Sam began to get sick. He mentioned to his mother and the doctor that he had eaten a slug earlier. Doctors then decided that Sam had been infected with rat lung disease.

According to NSW Health, the disease often occurs in snails and snails after they eat rat feces. People may be infected after eating snails containing lung larvae or after eating unheated lettuce contaminated by snails or snails. The parasites are more common in Southeast Asia, the Pacific and Australia. The outlet writes that "only occasionally" the infection is fatal, and it rarely causes an infection in the brain.

2. He was in a coma for 420 days

After being diagnosed with eosinophil meningoencephalitis, a form of meningitis that stems from consuming a contaminated snail, Sam went into a coma for 420 days.

When he woke up, according to independence, he had serious brain injury and became a quadriplegic complications from his previous illnesses leaving him in need of constant care.

Lisa Wilkinson, who wrote a piece about Sam for Ti Daily, wrote: "While a doctor managed to save him on time, he was now restricted to a wheelchair with limited communication skills and needing 24 hours a day, a week." Three years after he got sick, he was released from hospital and got a motorized wheelchair.

3. He went beyond surrounded by loved ones

According to ten days, Sam went away on Friday morning at Hornsby Hospital. He was surrounded by "20 people of the ones he loved most in the world."

Katie, his mom, tells Ten Daily that "the room was so full of love".

His mother was also his principal guardian for the next nine years. Wilkinson writes, "Sam's beautiful angel of a mother Katie has been right at Sam's side as her primary caretaker, who never cares for her love: feeding him, rolling him, driving him, bathing him and bathing, organizing doctors and hospital visits, trying always find the lighter moments so that she could see her boy smile again and wake up at every noise at night, always be sure that Sam's friends felt welcome in their new, limited world. When they visited, as they often did, Sams eyes always light. "

4. He was a Rugby Player

Sam was a promising rugby player who grew up.

He was a student at Barker College.

In March of this year, released an article describing how Sam fought for the government after the funding for his hospital care had been cut. In 2016, Katie applied to NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) after Sam was entitled to a $ 492,000 package according to the outlet.

In September 2017, she was told without warning that the funding would be reduced to $ 135,000. writes, "The huge funding decision was without explanation and 24-hour care means the Ballard family is heavily indebted. They are guilty of a $ 42,000 healthcare service."

When the Daily Telegraph came to NDIS, they were told they had "worked near the Ballard family" to find a resolution. It is unclear what resolution was achieved.

5. His last words to his mother were: "I love you"

According to Lisa Wilkinson, Sam's last word to his mother was: "I love you."

His friend added: "He had his voice and he said" I love you several times to Katie. "

He was 29 years old.

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