Tuesday , January 25 2022

Federal Judge Blocks Construction of Keystone Pipeline


A federal judge on Thursday blocked the construction of TransCanada's $ 8 billion Keystone XL Pipeline, which delivered a huge victory to environmental activists and made a blow to the Trump administration. US district director Brian Morris of Montana disappeared the state of the 1 179-mile pipeline construction that the Trump Administration granted last year, saying that the motivation for approval of the project was insufficient. Morris raised a particular problem with the apparent violation of climate change by the Trump Administration and criticized the State Department, which analyzed the project, in order not to take into account the effects of potential oil spillages and the effects of greenhouse gas emissions. "An agency can not only ignore the opposite or uncomfortable actual determinations it made earlier, more than ignoring the inconvenient facts when writing on an empty slate," wrote Morris. The government comes after TransCanada has already begun to supply pipes to Montana as a preparation to start building in 2019. Critics have long claimed that an oil spill may weaken the water system used by Indian tribes and harm wild animals in Montana where the pipeline would cover about 250 miles of land . The construction of the pipeline, which would be used to transport petroleum from Canada to the United States Gulf Coast, was rejected during the Obama administration in 2015.

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