Tuesday , October 19 2021

BioWare gives mass effect fans a hope of hope for the N7 Day


The Mass Effect franchise is currently in a state of suspended animation after the inadequate tone of the fourth series of the series, Mass Effect Andromeda. But there is still a huge massive outbreak there, and the developer BioWare knows. Therefore, on November 7th, it recognizes as "N7 Day" with some announcements to fans to remind them of their experiences that try to save the Milky Way Galaxy from the Reaper threat.

And it seems that BioWare boss Casey Hudson only used the studio's N7 Day Twitter post for tips on the future of Mass Effect.

BioWare published a short video on Twitter, mostly consisting of people from both the studio and the fan community who talk about why they like Mass Effect. It's also included an announcement that the studio showed a free update for Andromeda on Xbox One X that improves game graphics.

What may be the most interesting part is the end, where Hudson makes a statement loaded with insinuation: "That means we get into the studio every day and dream about what the next big Mass Effect game will be."

Then he stares straight into the camera for a moment as he sips from a Mass Effect robbery with the famous Commander Shepard line, "I Should Go," stenciled on the page. What does it mean???

Maybe nothing. Nevertheless, BioWare or its owner, Electronic Arts, once said that Mass Effect was officially canceled – but single player DLC for Mass Effect Andromeda never materialized, despite some clear settings for some in the story after the game received a rough reception from both fans and critics. BioWare has made its efforts on Anthem, the open world-class multiplayer game, which will be released in February.

It seems that Hudsons lingering look at the camera is a meaningful look for the fans and lets them know that the Mass Effect series has not been killed in a boardroom somewhere. And in a blog post in August, Hudson noted that BioWare knows fans want more Mass Effect (and more of their fantasy franchise, Dragon Age), saying that the studio has people working with "secret projects", even though he would not count up what they can be. So the meaningful look seems like a playful reminder to fans on N7 Day as BioWare has not forgotten about them.

There is a big question about what Mass Effect can look like, post-Andromeda. Should BioWare keep the course in the fourth game, spinning from the original trilogy and taking place in a brand new galaxy, or would the game's rough reception lead to a whole new course?

If Hudson tells fans to keep faith in the future of Mass Effect, it's likely to be a long time before we hear anything more about it, thanks in part to Anthem. Meanwhile, fans can only watch BioWare communications for secret messages.

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