Saturday , December 5 2020

Pour in a cell precipitate

Raw’s fall from hell in a cell and the beginning of the building for the Survivor Series takes place tonight.

Last night’s pay-per-view ended with Randy Orton defeating Drew McIntyre in a Hell in a Cell match to win the WWE Championship. Performances by Orton and McIntyre have been announced for tonight. Orton will appear on A Moment of Bliss with Alexa Bliss, while McIntyre will start tonight’s show.

Earlier this month, Bliss and “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt moved to Raw in the WWE draft.

McIntyre tweeted before tonight’s Raw: “To everyone who has taken the time to send me a message of support, thank you, that means the world to me. I’m opening #WWERaw and I have something I want to say …”

Three qualifiers for the Survivor Series have also been announced for tonight. Jeff Hardy Vs. AJ Styles, Sheamus vs. Matt Riddle and Keith Lee vs. Elias will take place on tonight’s show. The winners qualify for Team Raw in this year’s Survivor Series Elimination for men.

Show summary –

Drew McIntyre stepped in to start the show. He said he had no excuses for losing to Randy Orton but promised he would become WWE Champion again. McIntyre was proud to stand up even stronger after being knocked down. McIntyre knew that people thought he would be more upset about losing, but if you knew what he was thinking, you would be scared.

Miz and John Morrison interrupted. Miz wanted McIntyre to bend over. McIntyre warned them not to get too close. Morrison ran down all McIntyre has hit on the road. Miz said it was not as impressive as being a two-time Mr. Money in the bank. Morrison said McIntyre was not a loser but he was not a winner either.

Miz said McIntyre did not have to worry about meeting Orton again because he had the portfolio. He had it before and paid it in at Orton for the first time. Not only that, but it happened here in Orlando. Miz bragged about the moment.

They continued for a while until McIntyre headbutted Miz. Morrison started using a Scottish accent so McIntyre hit him and suplexed him twice. McIntyre was about to make things worse but Miz saved Morrison with a block. Miz and Morrison ran away. McIntyre stepped on Morrison’s sunglasses. He called them idiots and said they were in for a long night.

Tom Phillips mentioned that the Survivor Series was “one night” a year as Raw and Smackdown wrestlers meet and ran down tonight’s qualifiers for the men’s team.

McIntyre meets Miz tonight.

AJ Styles joined Jordan Omogbehin, who was not named by the advertisers. Last week, the graphic identified him by name, but this week his name did not appear.

Styles said everyone must have missed him on Raw. He did not think he needed to qualify for Team Raw and thought he should be the team captain. Styles warned Jeff Hardy not to try to cheat again, otherwise his co-workers will make him wish he never puts the bottle down.

Team Raw Qualifier: AJ Styles (with Jordan Omogbehin) Defeated Jeff Hardy (9:57)

Hardy tried to dive on the outside but was caught by Omogbehin who only held him up as they went to break 45 seconds into the match.

They did not bother to tell what happened and Styles was in control after the break. Hardy made a comeback and got some two bills until Styles hit him with a firefighter with a necklace. Hardy fought back but Styles pulled him from the top and hit a racket boom for two. They opposed each other’s finishers until Hardy used a facebuster.

Hardy went to the top but took a moment to look at Omogbehin and Styles beat him again. Styles pushed him into the post, drew him into the ring and hit the Phenomenal forearm for the winner. Styles qualifies for Team Raw.

Elias smashed a guitar over Hardy’s back after the match.

Sarah Schrieber interviewed R-Truth. Truth planned to investigate Drew Gulak, Akira Tozawa and Lucha House Party tonight. Schreiber noted that this can be dangerous. He said it was dangerous to be a champion but he ate and slept dangerously.

Phillips mentioned their partnership with Susan G Komen and they played a video.

Lucha House Party defeated Akira Tozawa and Drew Gulak (2:07)

The truth came to his music a minute into the match. Tozawa crawled up behind him and used a schoolboy that other judges counted as two. The truth fought against Tozawa and ended up in the ring. Some others tried to attach the Truth but he kicked it out every time. Lince Dorado tried a high cross but Truth moved. Dorado instead beat Gulak with the move and won the tag match.

Everyone tried to snag the Truth after the match but he continued to kick out and ran away. This was very stupid.

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