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Devon turkey unions noticed "psychotic" in ITV This Morning rant


A Devon farmer who offered people the chance to name their own turkey before Christmas has been labeled "psychotic" in a live debate about ITV's this morning.

Earlier in the Chelsea star Lucy Watson hit out on Food Carter in Exeter's Greendale Farm over his plan to get people closer to the meat this Christmas.

The farm was already attacked by vegans when Food revealed the idea earlier this month – with paint sprayed on walls and meat.

Watson believes we all will go meatless this Christmas and get an argument to live on air with the Devon League, reports The Mirror.

Food said, "People need to know where their meat is from. Why do not know that it comes from an ethical farm and has had a good life."

Lucy Watson

Food said about their turkeys: "They are well cared for, independent, slaughtered human."

He added: "There is no way to give you a Christmas dinner without killing turkey."

In the name of the turkeys, Lucy said: "At first I was a bit like" this is psychotic. "That's the way you would treat a pet. Of course, I'm not killing animal stuffs.

Head Claire Hibbert from Greendale Farm Shop near Exeter

"I've thought about it and in a way it's good. I want people to join the animals." Realizing that they have souls, feel pain means no harm to us. "

Food insisted that a small farm in Devon would not be the place of militant vegan to make a position.

He said, "We've had a lot of people take us up on the offer and many people violently against it. It started with keyboard warriors to write messages, then we got a couple of phone calls, graffiti over the door to the grocery store, then some of our employees focused on their own social media.

Revealing turkey sales had doubled from 1000 to 2000, he added: "For us, they have done us a great favor. The fact I'm on TV is talking to you today and showing my turkeys are good."

Furious This morning viewers took on Twitter to praise Food and Slam Lucy.

A viewer said: "Matt from @GreendaleFarm on @thismorning today is spot on! INFORMED CHOICE. It's a good idea, they sound like a fab place and do it right! Some people will always eat meat, vegans should not deter / attack the places that make it easier! "

Another added: "@GreendaleFarm I think you came really well on the TV, you did your point well and I agree with you. In addition, I think the nice way Lucy Watson defo helped. Hope you sell lots of turkeys and that your business succeeds "

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A third said, "The Lucy in the morning is ridiculous. Another intrusive vegan trying to force their opinions on everyone else. Eat meat, do not eat meat, just let people do what they want !!"

But some viewers made back Lucy to give their views.

Hate graffiti on the door of Greendale Farm Shop
Hate graffiti on the door of Greendale Farm Shop

A fan said, "@imLucyWatson Fab at #Thismorning People who want to meet their Turkey are psychotic! Did not buy farmers' harmony" shows people where meat comes from "spiel!" He does not want people to do that connection will kill his business, he quaking in his peasants wellies!

Another added: "Well done @imLucyWatson to speak for veganism on @thismorning you came across so well!"

One third agreed: "Yasss! @ImLucyWatson;" How do you kill an animal humanly? Just curious … ""

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