Saturday , October 1 2022

Brexit deal news: Backlash as government refuses to publish full legal advice on agreement


The government has been embroiled in a new line over the publication of the full legal advice given at the Brexit deal.

Downing Street has said that it will only release a "fully motivated position", which sets out the political and legal status of the recall.

The move has ripped the Labor Party and Tory Brexiteer MPs, who have demanded that the entire text be published.

Conservative MP Peter Bone claimed not to release details about advokatchef Geoffrey Cox's full legal advice was "dangerous".

MP Peter Bone leaves 10 Downing Street earlier this month (PA)

He told the Daily Telegraph: "People will of course believe that legal advice does not support their case and that is why they do not want to publish it.

"It is a very dangerous precedent for the executive man to defy Parliament.

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"Perhaps they try to delay publishing it until after the vote, but that would be a scandal."

Shadow Brexit Secretary Keir Starmer said the situation was completely unacceptable and added. Work would use all parliamentary mechanisms available to challenge it.

Labor's Keir Starmer has demanded full legal advice published (PA)

He urges ministers to follow a binding Commons vote to publish the legal advice when ministers released their opposition to the proposal to avoid a harmful defeat.

He said: "At this crucial stage, Parliament must have the information required to know exactly what has been agreed and what is being asked to vote for.

"Work and Parliament accepts nothing but the full legal advice presented to the government.

"A legal summary is obviously not sufficient and will not be consistent with the unanimous decision of the House of Commons."

And Jacob Rees-Mogg, leader of the ERG group of conservative brokers, told Express: "This is a very serious matter.

"If the government does not want to publish the advice that it should oppose voting rights, did not resign.

"You can not allow a vote to pass unresolved and then say later" Yes, boo, suck we ignore it. ""

The official's official spokesman said the move was in line with a commitment given to parliamentarians by Cabinet Office Secretary David Lidington in the Chamber.

"This is a fully motivated statement about the government's political and legal status regarding the proposed withdrawal agreement and attached protocols. So, the commitment remains as it was published a few weeks ago."

A source of sources told the paper that the full legal advice to ministers contains a view of the Northern Ireland Customs Bullet, which sees the United Kingdom and EU Common Arrangement Mechanism, which represents an effective EU vetor when Britain could leave.

It comes with the government to disclose its analysis of the financial consequences of Brexit as Theresa can fight to save her business to leave the EU.

Downing Street said the documents will cover a "spectrum of scenarios" that the prime minister tries to push her case that her agreement is the only way to protect jobs and investment while avoiding the chaos for a malfunction.

She will then travel to Scotland for another campaign day when she appeals to the heads of parliament to ordinary voters to support her plan.

The financing analysis is expected to conclude that Britain will be much better under the terms of MAY's controversial agreement with Brussels than if it faced a disordered brexit with a fair break.

Ministers have also agreed to publish their assessment of the impact on the economy if Britain were to stay in the EU because they had been exposed to the prospect of a harmful Commons defeat if they refused.

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